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Aletha Means, 51, Watertown, TN. Medical Receptionist. Anti-vaxxer with Long Covid.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

According to Facebook, Aletha has suffered greatly from Covid. After testing positive for Covid last November she ended up in the ICU and was intubated for 20 days. Despite the severity of her Covid infection, she survived. She said the doctors and nurses called her "their miracle" and they were brought to tears...maybe they were crying for anther reason, just sayin'.

Now she has boogers in the back of her throat which she has to dig out with Q-tips. She also has PTSD from her stay in the ICU. Sounds lovely, right?

I'll give Aletha a tiny bit of credit. After her bout with Covid she mostly stopped posting the Covid misinformation but she also didn't delete any of her previous Covid posts or advocate for vaccines. So, let's see what Aletha posted to earn herself a spot on SAV!

She makes it clear that she's not taking any vaccine from China and adds that we can't trust our media.

Trump, of course, is blameless for the spread of Covid. It was all China's fault!

Stop being ridiculous, Aletha.

Is she seriously suggesting that Covid was intentionally released to kill the elderly to end social security and pension payments?

Next she adds that since the Chinese were attacking their elderly America paid them to unleash Covid. Makes sense since we needed to cut off social security and pensions to the elderly as she previously mentioned.

I think she's trying to be funny saying that Covid is transmitted over the phone.

But, look at the comment. See that she works AT A CLINIC!?! Thankfully, she's not a nurse. She has been working at Summit Eye Associates as a patient coordinator. Thankfully, they require masks so hopefully she wasn't spreading Covid to any patients.

Speaking of masks, she was happy when Wilson County, TN ended their mask mandate.

She loved to share TikTok videos. The video is viewable on her FB page but CoolHandDom has been banned from TikTok. Probably because of all the Covid misinformation he was spreading. This particular video was about the PCR test.

Covid means "Christ Over Viruses & Infectious Diseases?" I haven't seen that one before.

So, we've seen her thoughts on Covid. What else does she think?

America will cease to be America on January 21st, 2021? Why's that, because it's National Hugging Day? Or is it because it's National Cheesy Socks Day?

You just KNOW she loves Trump. Are you surprised?

Aletha shouldn't have been worried about hiding little girls if Trump didn't win. We should hide little girls from Trump! Remember when he said, "Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything." I will never understand how people can worship such a vile, disgusting, misogynistic, deplorable man.

She worships Donald Trump AND Jesus! The two seem to go hand and hand for so many of our anti-vaxxers.

Of Q-orce she shares a little Q-Anon. She posts about Pizzagate, the US military purposefully torturing and killing children, and most shootings and riots are staged.

She's got her "facts" straight. The luciferians are sacrificing children.

My gawd...that's just nuts.

This is new to me. Apparently there are underground tunnels all over the USA and the military is blowing them up and causing earthquakes. Thank goodness God opened her eyes so she could help others see this!

Well, thank heavens Aletha did this scientific test! Apparently Aletha's weakness, which is based on her birth month, is that she is TOO SMART!!! I agree with the part that says "She can be as stubborn as a bull" but that's about it.

Looks like she wasn't smart enough to keep out of FB jail. She also says that censorship and discrimination are the same and maybe she should sue. Sue who? Facebook? People really don't understand the First Amendment at all.

In case Aletha reads this I'll explain: "The First Amendment protects individuals from government censorship. Social media platforms are private companies, and can censor what people post on their websites as they see fit."

The icing on the cake: She posts that there is no climate crisis. (Vaxxylady smashes head against the wall with frustration) Of course her avatar is lovingly hugging the planet. The irony.

Aletha, I found these throat swabs on sale on Amazon. All this for only $8! Maybe it will help with your throat boogers.

She said she has PTSD from being in a coma after contracting Covid. After all that trauma you'd think she'd be advocating for the life-saving vaccine. But who needs that when you have Jesus, right? You dodged a bullet this time, Aletha. Please, get vaccinated and don't put yourself through hell again.

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07 ago 2022

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
27 jul 2022

If you're TOO smart, you wrap back around to dumb.

The tunnels are from the movie "Us" from 2019. It wasn't bad.

Aletha should try EMDR for the PTSD. And vaccines so as not to be hospitalized from covid again.

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Any updates on our lovely ling hauler here?

Me gusta
19 jul 2022
Contestando a

Nothing since June 28th.

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Me gusta

What a stupid bitch. Does she not realize 75% of our medicine is made in CHINA?

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