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Angie Reynolds, 50, Sandpoint, ID, Referral Coord. Healthcare Clinic, anti-vaxx, ICU w/ COVID

UPDATE (12/16/21): Angie seems to be coming out of it. See below:

Original Post (12/7/21):

According to social media posts, Angie is in critical condition in the ICU from complications due COVID. Angie is a serious anti-vaxxer, so much so that a close friend of hers died of COVID and she remained vigilant against vaccinations for COVID. Apparently she had a six week battle with COVID but after she got home something went wrong. Her daughter found her unresponsive with an oxygen level of 41% and had to go back to the hospital where she still remains.

Like I said, this is a tough gal who was vehemently against vaccinations for COVID:

We'll start with her standard "I don't care" frame meme:

I don't get it, I ask this all the time.

^^^^(oh come on! I mean the vaccinated part).

Picking a fight....

This is the first time I've seen this one:

When almost ALL are vaccinated you'll see this....

I may have cut this one off....

Standard meme from the great anti-vaxx August '21 meme tsunami:

Another one from the great meme tsunami:

And another...

And yet another one. August '21 was completely flooded with this stuff just as the cases were peaking. I'd love to see the data on this.

At least the vaxxed were trying to help the pandemic, themselves, and those around them:

The medical freedumb frame:

Not the graphene ISN"T in the vaccines: NO.

Ah she's reposting a Nuremberg post. Debunked and irrelevant

Still part of the great meme tsunami:

This guy ended up dying of COVID, I believe. He was an anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist:

The Daily Wire chose not to obey Biden? Really? His mandate was for Ben Shapiro's little news organization? I don't think so.

I like how they slap quotes on Hollywood stars.

Wait "years"... during a pandemic? This is why you are in the hospital.

One of her good friends dies from COVID....

But she's still not going along with the "experiment":

Then she got sick and instead of heading to the hospital, started on Ivermectin:

But it doesn't work apparently (this is from her daughter on Angie's gofundme):

There's some hope:

But there hasn't been a public update now for almost two weeks.

Get better, Angie.


UPDATE (12/16/21): Angie is doing better:

I wonder what her opinion on vaccines will be now?

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May 04, 2022

Here we have Angie Reynolds, she's modeling a piece from our Covid spring collection, we call this one "hide the trachea scar hoodie" it fits loosely to hide your freedumb wounds. We do have a matching Fedora that compliments this one really nice as well. It also covers up the fact that you maybe suffering female pattern baldness. That's also...*checks notes* yes, is very much covid long haulers baggage. Matching set, 79.99, bought separately 49.99 each.

May 10, 2022
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Probably looks like hell on earth first thing in the morning with no makeup or camera filter app on her phone.


May 01, 2022

Some updates on Angie.

She must have the same superlungs as QT...

I can only imagine how bad she actually looks now...

For some reason her status update photos can't be seen (probably sharing stuff from another FB account that can't be seen publicly)... the responses indicate she probably looks like hell and her friends are being fake nice...

Taco Bell workers are probably making more $$$ (no joke - my GF is a clinical director and said these types of positions barely pay above minimum wage). Why would a health care entity hire a known antivaxxer that nearly died?

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$1 an hour would be right


I wasn't going to waste my time on this one but then I saw her stupid post about Thalidomide and I realized how completely moronic she is. There is such a long history with this horrible drug and it was tested countless times on many different species, including pregnant ones. They could never quite duplicate the birth defects that humans were suffering, so they kept the drug on the market. Lawsuits, more tests, court trials... all for nothing. And that did, in fact, take years. Angie's a dipshit. By the way, if you want to read the best book ever on why we need to stop testing on non-humans, I highly recommend Slaughter of the Innocent (by Hans Ruesch).


Apr 02, 2022

No updates on Angie. No new filtered pictures on her FB - guess that trach scar can't be filtered out? She did respond to a post on her daughter's FB last week - so she's still alive. Probably looks like shit now.


TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
Mar 19, 2022

I haven't forgotten about Angie. When I had the strange fortune of living in North Idaho in the 80's about 25 miles south of Sandpoint, that 7B thing wasn't a thing. And though North Idaho was a haven for Neo-Nazis (I didn't know when I moved there), they weren't like, the majority of the population at the time. The area sort of prided itself on being a live-and-let-live place. I wouldn't set foot in that place now. Another beautiful place ruined by ugly people.

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I think it's foreign workers allowed into the country to work.

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