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Bill Sardi, 76, Laverne, CA, Health Reporter, supplement slinger, anti-vaxx, dead from "something".

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

According to this obituary, Bill died on February 14, 2022. Apparently Bill was quite influential in the "holistic health" crowd. He was a supplement slinger and sold something called "Red Wine Pill" that, among other things, was supposed to battle COVID. Naturally, he was an anti-vaxxer (surely his $olutions are better than vaccines!). Anyway, he appeared in the first episode of the Infowars series "Covidland", an anti-vaxx and anti-lockdown series full of conspiracy theories. He came down with a "mysterious illness" in January and he eventually tested positive for COVID, but of course he has always claimed that PCR-RT tests are bogus. He had all of the symptoms of pneumonia and low oxygen. After his death, his brother wrote a long statement saying that he didn't die of COVID. I have no doubt it was COVID, but I'll let you decide. In fact, I'm not going to post much at all. I'll just allow the SAV community to build the case against Bill.

Here is a video hosted by Ron Paul. It contains ALL of Bill's thoughts on vaccines, COVID tests, and lockdowns.

Watch all of that video and post that you did and I'll assign a "I love Canned Sardi" badge. I'll also give a badge for posting any investigative insights on Bill.

Again, I am leaving the investigative reporting to the SAV community, but I'll give you guys a lead. Here is a link to his stories on Lew Rockwell (I'd never heard of it either):

And here is a link to a statement from his twin brother Wayne Sardi (methinks he doth protest too much):

RIP Bill Sardi.

EDIT to add: If you are asking for your badge be sure it's not in a reply to someone else's comment because I likely won't see that. If I missed your badge please email and I'll get that to you. Badges are assigned manually so it is a tedious process. Please be patient. We want to get your badges to you, I promise.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Love, your Vaxxylady

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