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Bill Wight, 65, Arcadia, FL, Photographer, Dead from COVID

Bill is beloved by many in his community. He's a Trump Humper who proudly got his mom vaccinated but sadly didn’t do the same for himself.

Bill seemed to be a good looking guy in his prime but quite rough in the end. Jump to comments here.

This is Bill’s best friend, Mark. This photo and the call out in his obituary initially led me to believe they're partners. I later learned that Mark is married and they're just good friends.

Let's start here.

He's excited about the vaccine here and even touted his mom getting vaccinated.

Like many other Trump Humpers, they all claimed to jump ship and move to Parlor. The move didn't last very long. These first amendment touters don't understand that private companies can do whatever they want. This is NOT an infringement of one's first amendment rights.

I spy Bill.

His friend Sheila is an RN.

A nurse that doesn't believe in a mask.

A few more posts before COVID hits.

Uh oh.

Sadly, Bill transitioned and earned his Herman Cain Award.

The end.

You can always find more anti-vax stories on Facebook at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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