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Bob Jackson, 73, Croswell, MI, retired, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

According to this obituary Bob died on October 19, 2021. He was an extreme anti-vaxxer, as you'll see. He's also the grandfather of our next entry, Bridget Jackson.

Let's see where Bridget got it from.

This is Bob Jackson. At his age he should've been vaccinated, but he wasn't. I wonder why not? Let's see:

It's because it's new?

It's because of immigrants?

Science of the lambs...

Seems to be simply because he was stubborn.

He proved this:

Likes Info Wars apparently:


He likes posts from Ted Nugent. Ted is the right guy to go to when you want wisdom about technology, eh?

Ted Nugent again:

The comparison with the Holocaust so many anti-vaxxers love:

And...he gets COVID on August 19:

And still shit-posts about it:

COVID just about got him:

And....he's back in the hospital:

Man, this COVID crap sucks! How could he have known? Also remember that phrase "Please keep me in your prayers." You'll hear it again soon.

Edit: A SAV commenter caught this:

^^^So Bob Jackson came around and was listening to his Doctor. I wonder if he told his granddaughter, Bridget, about this?

And, well....he died. This is his granddaughter, Bridget, announcing his death. You'll see her here shortly:

RIP Bob.

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