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Brandt Schmitz, 44, Arnold, MO. owns Fenix Nutrition, body builder, anti-vaxxer, in ICU with COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this gofundme, Brandt is in an induced coma on a ventilator in the ICU with COVID. Brandt owns Fenix Nutrition, which sells supplements for health and bodybuilding. He's also a bodybuilder who is conscious of his health. But Brandt has become quite the anti-vaxxer; at one point his customers even pointed out to him that he once posted about his business and working out, but in the last couple of years his posts have been completely political. He even tried to swear off political and anti-vaxx posts in a video message to his followers, but he couldn't stick to it.

Let's see what he posted:

Is Brandt a one-percenter?

Imagine. Yep, people going door to door in your imagination.

What education do you have to weigh science?

Standard meme:

Another standard meme:

What's your current narrative?

LOL @ vaccine discrimination.

Yes, science begets questions BY SCIENTISTS who spend their lives asking these questions.


Right. None of those are science.

Vaccines are about helping the immune system, not replacing it. Jeez.

Ok. Good luck with that.

Firing people for not being vaccinated is also not a law.

Uh? That's right, all of us have taken every FDA approved product on the market. Can't wait for shit.

"Their own unbiased research" LOL

This is a lie! Jim Breuer is not a comedian. Comedians make people laugh.

That's right, Brandt. We tried.

So is the vaccine...

Right wing media is the virus. Correct again.


Not sure why you keep saying it's not a law. No one claimed it was. But people losing their jobs or access to airlines or businesses isn't about laws.

Can't have an anti-vaxxer without comparing doctors and nurses to Nazis...

Brandt is sick:

Get better Brandt!

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