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Brittany Bradford, 33, Memphis, TN, Pure Romance Rep, Anti-vaxx, Dead from COVID. BF Dead, too.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

According to social media posts below, Brittany died of COVID on Sept 20, 2021, just 48 hours after her boyfriend Joshua Turner died. His Sorry Antivaxxer entry is here. Fun fact, Brittany is the second Pure Romance rep to be featured on Sorry Anti-vaxxer (the first was Melissa Hedge of Oregon).

So, as we saw in the previous entry, Joshua was for sure an Anti-vaxxer. How about Brittany? Yep, she had her own set of memes to express her vaccine feelings.

Joshua suspects she's got the delta:

Which just leads her to keep posting memes...

I know you're all in suspense. "What happens next, Vaxman?"

Yeah, yeah, we know her boyfriend passed and she's sick, but does she make it?

We're counting on Brittany and Joshua's friend Shirl to tell us:

Yeah ok. Shirl takes a moment to pontificate a bit:

We're waiting!

Oh, damn, Shirl. I was hoping for a different outcome.

RIP Brittany.

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