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Bruce Thomas, 65, Defiance, OH, Antivaxxer, Dead from COVID

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

You all know the typical antivaxxer type. Bruce Thomas doesn't seem to fit, except for one little piece: he's a hippie with quite the shady past. He used to party hard, and I mean HARD. He loves the ganja, he's not religious but he hates the Democrats. This last one is the one that gets him into a little trouble.

Let's meet Bruce Thomas.

Bruce is a self-proclaimed hippie.

He loves the green. 🌿 Nothing wrong with that.

I always thought that hippies loved everybody?

Is he smoking a little too much ganja? I'm assuming that he tested positive for COVID but I'm not sure how the police are involved.

Punctuation would help us decipher what he's talking about here. He has a lot of difficulties using the period button so let’s assume the "period" key is broken. He doesn't trust the government and he's hospitalized with COVID. 😔

Is he sending a telegraph to his friends to bring some magic gummies to the hospital?

We can usually spot an antivaxxer when we see "COVID is no joke”.

Bruce is finally home and he still needs prayers, but only three are needed. 🤷

One day later, he's back and in a nursing home. 😔

It sounds like he's not very happy at this nursing home.

There seems to be a lot of drama happening back at his home.

As we say in the HCAz world, Bruce Thomas sadly earns his HCA.

Bruce Thomas lived a tough life. I'll never understand why he was scared of the COVID vaccine after everything else he had already put into his body.

RIP Bruce Thomas

Get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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