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Chad Carswell, 38, Hickory, NC, Sales Trainer, anti-vaxx, refusing vaccination, denied Kidney.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

October 18th, 2022 Update: Chad got his kidney and he's up and walking the next day!?!

We have another SAVANT (Sorry Anti-Vaxxer And No Transplant) on our hands. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that this SAVANT's name is "Chad". He needs a kidney transplant to live, and he's being stubborn about getting vaccinated. He has 4% kidney function, he has diabetes, and he's lost both legs because of complications of his diseases. According to Chad (below), modern medicine has saved his life from the brink at least 50 times. And yet, he's so anti-vaxx and stubborn that he's willing to die in order to avoid taking a simple shot. Chad knows death very well; he's faced it repeatedly. Perhaps he's just sick of all? Maybe, but he has a running hashtag and brand he uses repeatedly -- called #lifeon -- which he uses to post inspiring quotes he's found on the internet. So, he doesn't seem suicidal, but maybe that's just him trying to convince himself to carry on despite all of his medical issues. Chad has had COVID twice; the second time, he ordered a bunch of Ivermectin horse paste (literally, he got it from a veterinarian).

With Chad, I can just post links to his Facebook page for you to follow, and you'd quickly see all you need to see about Chad. Unlike many anti-vaxxers, neither Chad nor his family will never shut down his Facebook accounts. I don't think he'll even shut down the comments on his site. He LOVES the attention too much for that. Half of the attention he is getting is from other anti-vaxxers who cheer him on like the Japanese did with their Kamikaze pilots during WWII. (It's pretty damn easy to encourage someone else to sacrifice their life for a cause that you believe in.) The other half are people pointing and laughing at what an idiot he is to throw his life away, just to avoid getting a simple vaccine.

Because Chad's Facebook pages are as wide open as Chad is, himself, I'll just post links to his two Facebook pages and let the thorough investigators on the SAV comment section fill in Chad's anti-vaxx profile. Please do, because If he ever does shut down his accounts it would be nice to have his thoughts compiled so people in the future can see what Chad was all about. I leave that up to you, SAVers. And once again you can earn a shining new SAV badge! All you have to do is post a screenshot or video from Chad and I'll award a "Hanging Chad" badge for you to wear on SAV.

I'll post a few things to get the ball rolling...

First, this post tells us all we need to know about his health:

^^^Seriously, this poor man has had it rough.

Second, here is video of Chad taking Ivermectin (isn't he doing it in the wrong hole?). How on earth does it make sense that he'll take this horse dewormer he knows nothing about but won't take a vaccine he knows nothing about. Cult?

Next, here is Chad announcing his intension to die instead of getting the vaccine (sorry about any ads, this is embedded from the news site):

Finally, here's one of #LIFEON quotes:

^^^ It seems as if his comfort zone is death.

Ok, there you have it. That's all I'm going to post. I leave the rest to the SAV community.

Here are his Facebook pages:

Chad, you are true SAVANT.

I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens.


October 9, 2022 Update: First, a giant thank you to a loyal SAV reader and member for the update!

Good news for Chad. Despite a difficult relationship with his Mother, she is giving Chad a kidney. He also wants everyone to share his post so everyone knows how amazing God is.

Chad has a new Facebook page called "Inmate Kidney." Is he still unvaccinated? YOU BET!!

I'm not sure how smart it is to post your home address on the internet. Maybe he's hoping for a lot of Get Well Soon cards.

He has two Gofundme accounts. The first has raised over $10k. Interesting that this was added, "I would also like to add this was all done without the vaccine! We beat the system! Chad's fight has helped overturn 12 hospital policies! This has helped 9 other people so far get kidney transplants!"

The second was less successful.

Good luck to Chad and his Mom on the upcoming surgery but that's just the first step in a long journey. We'll be checking for updates.

Oct 17th, 2022 Update: Today is the day! The kidney transplant is happening!

Well folks, he made it through the surgery and has his new kidney!

October 18th, 2022: Wow. He's up walking around one day post-op?

Best of luck with that new kidney, Chad! Don't waste it.

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Chad / BionicHulk is still going strong(ish) as of Feb. 2023. Both in his improving health and his "I won't get a shot even when it is my choice to do so!"

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10 ene 2023

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Richard Christie
Richard Christie
23 dic 2022

He won't last long. Mark my words, I'm into seventh year post lung transplant, I've observed firsthand the results of scoffing at the science.

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12 dic 2022

Bad news it appears. Awww

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15 dic 2022
Contestando a

'With my dogs'???? Much as I love my dog, I wouldn't try to take her to hospital with me.

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The motherfucker lied about getting a waiver from Duke for the Covid vaccine. The same scenario is now being played out.

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