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Crystal Ann Keel, 38, Fyffe, ALA. Fountain of Facebook anti-vaxx misinformation. Died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to her Facebook profile (BigSexy) Crystal died on August 30, 2021 (post is below). Crystal leaves behind a son. As you'll see, Crystal posted a LOT of anti-vaxx posts on Facebook. Interestingly, Crystal is from Fyffe, a small town which is next to Sylvania, another small town in Alabama and the home of our next entry who died on the same day.

In chronological order:

We're not worried anymore.

As she wished, she is no longer our problem...

Misinformation by the right wing is killing these people.

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Still "worrying about you" there, Crystal? Nope, didn't think so. Good riddance


Mr. Bog
Mr. Bog
16 janv. 2022

"Let us die."

I don't think you really meant it.


"Let us die." Covid: "Hello there"


Just so sad .

And in many countries , including mine, Insulin is free are Asthma Inhalers and Cancer Treatment.. It's called Universal Healthcare . You guys should try it . Y'know, instead of bombs . drones and all that shit

En réponse à

I live here and agree with you 100%!


Fortunately she got her wish so she is no longer spewing lies and causing sickness and death to others. Just think of how many she infected before her wish came true!

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