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Cy L Nunez, 56, Vallejo, CA, anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

According to this page on facebook, Cy is dead. He died from COVID.

I'm just going to get out of the way and let Cy tell his story, his way.

Cy's COVID story in 3 acts.

Act I: The Plan -- Documenting the effectiveness of HCQ

Act II: "Do I look sick?"

Act III: The epiphany that came too late

And then he died.


PLEASE don't comment on his Facebook page. It needs to stay there forever. Besides, he died in September so it's not going to do any good to comment there. Keep your comments here.

Finally, this will be a easy badge to earn. You simply must watch these. Watch all three videos in order and get a "Do I look sick?" badge.

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B Wolfe
B Wolfe
Jun 05, 2022

He has got to be one of the first of these Trumpanzee Christianist Conspiracists who actually awoke to his own hubris and tried to make amends, that I've ever seen or heard of. I do think he deserves some acknowledgment of that.

Still, to read the shitposting he did beforehand is pretty disgusting. Glad his vaccinated wife is better.


Mar 03, 2022

Watched all three. What a total waste of a life that was, and all because he believed the nonsense misinformation without question. Here is a man happily going about his life who KNOWS he is high risk for severe Covid but doesn’t take it seriously. He loved growing his veggies, was getting trained to drive a semi or big rig and it was ALL wasted because of the crazies who told him he wouldn’t die. To see his final video and the total realisation that he had made a BIG error of judgment.

At least he TELLS PEOPLE TO GET VACCINATED! I hope there are some out there listening!


Feb 19, 2022

I watched all 3 videos. That last video was very sad when he realized he had believed the conspiracy theories.


Cy’s first video shows him to be arrogantly confident and smug, while unknowingly being devastatingly ignorant. That all disappears in his third and final video as he has to reckon with his fate.

Im vaxxed, and living in a red state. There are plenty of anti-mask and most likely unvaxxed people walking around my city like it’s 2019. They walk around with Cy’s mentality in his first video - arrogantly confident and smug with ignorant bliss. At the same time, I cant help but feel like Im the odd and paranoid one because there are just so many people like Cy.

I watch all 3 of his videos whenever I need to be reminded to stay vigilant in mask wearing…


Sadly if he had just went to the hospital when he first became symptomatic and received monoclonal antibodies he might still be here

Feb 18, 2022
Replying to

or he could have gotten vaccinated last year and be out gardening above ground, instead of having a garden growing on top of him.

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