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Dale "Trey" Stokes, 34, Tyler, TX, Paramedic, unvaccinated, died from COVID-19. Leaves family of 4.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Trey died on September 5, 2021. He died of COVID. He's not being posted here because he was a spreader of COVID misinformation like so many entries here. He's being posted because he's a healthcare worker and he didn't get vaccinated (which to me is the same as an extreme anti-vaxxer), and while suffering and on his death bed, his wife Cynthia still wasn't sure. He leaves her behind with three children.

Trey did not post anti-vaxx messages anywhere, so we don't know what he was thinking. But we do know he chose not to get vaccinated. Here is the post his wife left for us and in particular other healthcare workers to heed:

He didn't make it.

RIP Trey.

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