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David Donald Spears, 70, Evansville, IN, said we'd have to pay him $150K tax free to get vaccinated.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this obituary, David died on August 26. He died from COVID.

David was quite adamant about not getting vaccinated, as you'll see below:

Here is where you'd have to pay him to get vaccinated. "I'm not greedy and I'm not stupid either." Uh?

His wife get's diagnosed first. And he's STILL not willing to get vaccinated.

Oh cool, his wife has COVID and he's recommending that everyone simply fake having the vax with a bandaid.

Three days later he's already in the ICU:

Well he didn't make it. I think $150,000 was simply too much to ask. He was probably a bit greedy there, and stupid.

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