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David Nolde, 83, retired, husband of Dr. Judy Mikovitz notorious liar, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

UPDATE (12/21/21): So it seems that the magnificent liar, Judy Mikovitz, has gotten ahead of this story by doing an interview about the cause of death and mistreatment and misdiagnosis (of COVID) of her husband in the hospital. See below:

UPDATE (12/20/21): Yet another close friend of the Nolde family contacted me and let me know that David's death was indeed caused by COVID, and also corrected some information about David that I (and some commenters on this thread) had wrong. So I have edited this post and made the additions and corrections.

Edited for accuracy from new information: According to this obituary, David died on December 1 from a heart attack and COPD (I'm sure the obituary information was given by Judy). However, I have had some correspondence with two different people now (one of whom is a very close friend of the family, and the other who had been given information by a family member); both said that the cause of David's death was COVID. Now, David was 83 and did have COPD, but he also contracted COVID which certainly exacerbated his problems and lead to his heart attack and death. (I've also ordered a death certificate from Ventura County that should arrive soon.) Also, the close friend of the family, who would like to remain anonymous until after David's January 7 service, did say the blame should go on the shoulders of Judy, who at 63 is 20 years younger than David. Apparently, he also suffered a bit of age related senility, and was hard of hearing in his later years. This person claims he would not have been able to consider getting vaccinated for himself, and also wanted to make clear that David was not a medical doctor but served as a head administrator in Healthcare before he retired in 1999. He had no science or medical training. This person says that he was indeed a lovely man with a big heart, and that he wasn't even particularly aware of the controversies his wife has been causing, not just during this pandemic but over the past 10 years with her other debunked claims which I will describe below. This person says that in no way should David be considered an accomplice in Judy's schemes that started ten years ago and only after the beginning of David's decline.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz is either a pathological liar or a grifter or both. She's essentially a failed scientist who blames Fauci and the medical establishment for targeting her and hiding her "truths" when the reality is that she published a couple of papers that were retracted because of errors and non-reproducibility. Those papers were on HIV and the second tried to draw a link between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a mouse Retro-virus. The HIV paper was of no consequence, and the CFS paper was retracted. Not because of fraudulent science but simply because it was discovered that the were other causes for the results found in the paper (which happens in science!). The problem wasn't that. It was how she reacted to the paper being retracted. Also, because the CFS community was so desperate to understand the cause and perhaps find a cure, Judy became something of a celebrity in that community, which she had learned to use in her financial favor. Her unwillingness to give that up and admit she was wrong led her down the path we find her on today. It also appears she became bitter because of these failures and has since lashed out at Fauci and the medical establishment, while characterizing herself as a maverick scientist who is exposing the truth and flaws in the larger establishment. That behavior came to a complete head with the "documentary" called Plandemic, which further launched her into her grifting career, and she has been selling books and making paid appearances ever since. The damage that she's caused has undoubtedly resulted in countless cases of illness and death, and destroyed many families. Most of the memes being spread on Facebook, and which we've seen here, have their origins in ideas presented in Plandemic, such as the meme saying that COVID was introduced as a way for the "Globalists" to control the population.

So what has she done since Plandemic? Here are some posts from her Facebook:

She's been doing appearances...

Writing books with another quack, Kent Heckenlively...

She claims that Suramin, some medicine used for a disease that causes blindness, is an antidote for the COVID vaccines.

And then she also claims they haven't even isolated the Sars Cov2 virus...

She goes on the radical Stew Peters Show... (We'll probably be covering Stew on here sometime soon as he lives in Minnesota and we're seeing tons of those people now.)

She's proud to be part of a streaming service the ACADEMY OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE that features the likes of David Icke, and RFK,jr. She's one of them.

She likes Del Bigtree, whom we discussed on Marcus Lamb's SAV entry:

Well, her husband, David Nolde is dead from something:

People are asking if it was COVID, though...

Judy, if you read this, please see this post by one of our commentators, on your "research" on CFS:

RIP David Nolde. You lived a good life.


UPDATE(12/21/21). This is pathetic. Here is the "interview" on Bitchute about David's death, which growing evidence appears to be a complete fabrication. The ONLY reason someone would make such a statement is to try cover their tracks. (Liars don't seem to understand that this makes their case even weaker.) This is so pathetic that I'm wondering about Judy's mental health. She's clearly very ill. I've provided a link to the interview here just in case it ever gets deleted. I've also provided this. I'm not sure who the author is. It was posted by one of our site members:

And here is the video:

Here is a write up of the video:


This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is a scientist and researcher who’s been very vocal about the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus’ origins, the proposed “vaccines,” and the side effects that people are reporting from the COVID jabs.

In early December 2021, she lost her husband, David Robert Nolde, unexpectedly. In a loving video tribute to him, Mikovits details how he died. Much like King David, her David was “a man after God’s own heart,” Mikovits says. He had a pedigree of kindness, with a childlike faith and a goal of bringing joy to the world, even when joy seemed impossible, she says — but their lives were “torn apart by heartless criminals pretending to be scientists.”

David had suffered from COPD for four decades, but because of the “plandemic” he was denied “essential” medications, and his condition worsened until it was so serious he had to check in to the local hospital.

When the hospital learned he hadn’t gotten the COVID shot, the staff treated them both like second class citizens and at first prevented Mikovits from going into the hospital with her husband. When she finally was able to get in, to her horror she learned that the hospital had just assumed her husband had COVID, and were planning to treat him as a COVID patient.

“By a miracle of God I was able to get into that hospital just in time,” she says, as they were planning to deliver what she says would have been a deadly treatment of remdesivir and intubation. He was nearing death when she finally got there, and within 24 hours after Mikovits intervened, he was doing better.

Everyone was joyful for his recovery. The miracle of a man on his death bed literally coming alive, immediately getting better and being the very soul of a “God wins” moment is the memory Mikovits says she wants everyone to hear. “It was always my David’s greatest desire to run the race for his lord and savior, to finish well, and to hear these affirming words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant,’” she says.

To see and hear Mikovits talk about this in her own, powerful, tearful words — including the promise the two made each other in writing, on their wedding rings — watch the video. Be forewarned though: David’s death didn’t happen the way you might think. He didn’t have COVID and he didn’t die of COVID.

Instead, he died when his heart gave out — Mikovits states “the hospital staff had neglected to give him his blood pressure medication.”

Of course this is all a lie. I've now heard from other people close the the family who say they will expose Judy after the memorial. They don't want Judy to bar them from attending, if she finds out that they exposed her lies first. Also, I am still waiting on the official death certificate from Ventura County.

Accusations against hospitals should release hospitals from their HIPAA requirements. They should be able to defend themselves in the public forum.

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After 'Plandemic' I would just like to think this felt guilty to even some degree about her take on this situation. But these people are so dumb they would rather die then think the 'left'- or what they refer to as the left- got the best of them. But so often these horrible freedom hating leftist marxist communist sheelpe -who ate freedom- did all get the best of them by being alive because they got vaccinated.


11 lut 2022

Have you received his death certificate? Any update on his loved ones calling her out after the memorial like they said they'd do?


A while back, Vaxman said he had requested Nolde's death certificate from Ventura County. I wonder if he ever received it? I know those things can take some time, as I recently requested my father's certificate and it took several weeks. Nolde died of COVID-19. If that's not what's on his certificate, then Mikovits bribed or bullied the attending doctor to submit a fraudulent cause of death.


24 sty 2022

I feel sorry for the old guy. It should be considered elder abuse. I have an older partner who has some dementia. I made sure he was vaccinated as soon as possible and he got his booster as well. I got vaccinated plus booster as well to help protect him and others. I wonder if David had a good relationship with his children. If my dad had dementia and remarried a crazy anti vaxxer I would be mad if she prevented him getting from getting vaccinated.

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