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Doug Pothul, 58, Ocala, FL, Jiu Jitsu industry, extreme anti-vaxxer, dead from "The Flu" (COVID).

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this obituary. Doug, a widower and father of 3 boys, died of COVID on August 29, 2021. What will become of his three sons? Ugh. Awful.

Doug has the dubious honor of having posting more anti-vaxx propaganda than any entry on sorry anti-vaxxers I've seen so far. It's truly remarkable how often he posted about COVID. I'll post just a few here:

Two of his sons got vaxxed, at least. Hope the 3rd one does now. What will become of these boys now? Ugh.

Oops. He's got "The Flu"

Talk about a lack of awareness...

Seems like his anti-vaxx resolve was starting to wane.

RIP Doug.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
02 févr. 2022

Dougie, Doug, Doug, Doug, you'd have been better off with the crystal meth tweekers. I'm going to assume it was the roids or repeated blows to the head that led to that much stupidity. I can understand posting crazy-ass memes trying for likes. Hell, I've been known to circle back around to my posts to see if anyone else was as impressed with my brilliance as I was. Mine, however pithy or inane, are not going to get anyone else killed. Posting lies and misinformation will. If Karma comes looking for me, it won't be in the form of Covid, but will definitely be named Linda. Bye now Doug, everyone else here has already forgotten you.


Bubye now, Doug. Let’s just hope your dangerous stupidity saves some lives. 🤦‍♂️


Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
29 sept. 2021

Doug, thank you for being courageous enough to die for your freedom. We in the Democratic Party never celebrate the death of another person. However, we are grateful that you were willing to die and take one more Trumptard off the voter rolls. Each day that passes more and more Floridiots dies because they refuse to vaccinate, and each day that makes the prospect of a blue 2022 more and more likely. You sir, are a true patriot and a real American hero.


When he spells vile as 'vial' it's easy to see what we're looking at here.


Lots of things are gonna change after he gets over this CCP virus. Like his phone number, address, vehicle registration... they'll all be put under someone else's name.

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