Doug Pothul, 58, Ocala, FL, Jiu Jitsu industry, extreme anti-vaxxer, dead from "The Flu". COVID

According to this obituary Doug, a widower and father of 3 boys, died of COVID on August 29, 2021. What will become of his three sons? Ugh. Awful.

Doug has the dubious honor of having posting more anti-vaxx propaganda than any entry on sorry anti-vaxxers I've seen so far. It's truly remarkable how often he posted about COVID. I'll post just a few here:

Two of his sons got vaxxed at least. Hope the 3rd one does now. What will become of these boys now? ugh.

Oops. He's got "The Flu"

Talk about a lack of awareness...

Seems like his anti-vaxx resolve was starting to wane.

RIP Doug.

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