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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Bible Prophecy teacher and anti-vaxxer, dies of COVID-19.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

According to this story, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, a beloved Christian Prophecy teacher who ran a news website called "Prophecy Today" ( ), passed away on August 15, 2021 from complications due to the COVID virus. Jimmy's Prophecy Today website tries make sense of modern world events by demonstrating how they relate to prophecies in the bible about the "end times" or "the Rapture" that is believed to usher in the second coming of Christ.

Unfortunately, Jimmy didn't trust the government and how it was pushing the vaccines. He demonstrated his feelings about the COVID vaccines when he published a video interview of another well known Anti-Vaxxer, Sam Roher, in which Roher claimed that the COVID Vaccine wasn't a gift from God, as another Christian leader had proclaimed, but actually a gift from the devil.

You can watch that video here:

God have mercy.

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