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Dr. Radmila Smiljanic, MD, 66, Uzice, Serbia, Doctor of Medicine, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this article (in Croatian, use Chrome to translate), Radmila (Rada) died from COVID on October 22, 2021. She was a respected and somewhat famous doctor in Serbia with a career in medicine spanning 40 years. Despite her medical record, Rada was a conspiracy theorist and adherent to right-wing politics. She believed in Chemtrails (the conspiracy theory that contrails behind jetliners are thought to be mind control chemicals sprayed over population centers by omniscient governments in order to control the masses. So it's not hard to believe that she thought COVID, and in particular vaccines, were a government plot to manipulate and control the minds of the masses.

Please note that what follows are Google translated versions of her Serbian and sometimes Croatian posts. Sometimes it won't make sense but I'll try to help where I can.

Ok, lets see how crazy this one was:

She thinks jetliner contrails are sprayed chemicals, and now they are spraying Coronavirus, I guess.

She spreads false medical information:

The pandemic is a globalist plot:

She takes a lot of pictures of contrails...

Cattle for the slaughterhouse...

Questioning safety of vaccines....

It's the flu...but genetic sequences are being inserted during testing, by the testing equipment?

Translation not needed...

Translation not needed...

Maybe a Croatian commenter could translate this for us?

She posts a video of an American school board meeting:

Same old arguments...vaccinated get sick too...and she's pushing Ivermectin...

Evidence that the pandemic is a crime against humanity...

Her last post on Facebook:

She died nearly two months later. Here is what Vladimir Cimerman has to say ... translated from Croatian. (He sounds like he might be a SAV commenter.)

Bears repeating: Što više antivaksera to manje antivaksera.

RIP Rada.

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Just get vaxxed
Just get vaxxed
Nov 20, 2021

The world became a better place when this nutbag ate shit.

This site should let you delete these dicks as you go so they never cross your mind ever again. think I’ll have a beer.


Must of got her fake medical license the same place as paul ryan


Nov 04, 2021
вакцинишите се сви
Get vaccinated everyone

Womp, womp.


Patrick LeFort
Patrick LeFort
Oct 31, 2021

They should have taken her license to practice medicine away.

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