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Earl Gilbert, 58, Cincinnati, OH, Admin - Health is your Wealth, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to social media posts (below), Earl died on 12/30/2021. This SAV entry is completely different. Earl was not a Christian (Muslim), he was not a Trump Supporter, he was not particularly anti-science, and he wasn't pushing for medical freedom. He was, however, a "trust my immune system" guy. Earl was very much into nutrition, natural healing, health awareness, and natural supplements, as you can see from his Facebook Page, "Health is your Wealth". Unfortunately, even though he had friends who died from COVID in October, he seemed to believe so much in natural remedies and cures that he was against using the vaccine himself, and that his healthy eating and lifestyle would be enough to protect him. Also, it's clear that we need to educate people on how vaccines work with our immune system rather than replacing it. (So many of these anti-vaxxers don't seem to understand how they work.) This was his downfall. When I started this site I thought we'd see MANY more of these "natural cure" types of people, but instead there was a flood of right-wing anti-establishment nut cases. Unfortunately, Earl had a group of 914 followers on Health is your Wealth whom he undoubtedly influenced on the vaccines. Let's hope they learn from this.

Let's examine Earl's position on vaccines and COVID:

This first post seems to sum up Earl's entire thoughts on the vaccine: eat healthy and everything will be all right:

He trusts his immune system:

To be honest, when I first saw this I thought it was something you'd get from a sperm bank:

Just wear a mask, man:

Little did he know things were just getting started about this time:

I have no idea what he meant by this:

So, the vaccines are poisons? FYI, those side effects are your immune system gearing up to protect you later.

I laughed at this.

See? He thinks nutrition conquers all...

Immune system! He clearly doesn't understand that vaccines are designed to help his immune system.

In October he experiences the death of some of his friends to COVID. You'd think that would have been a wake up call...

I think this is even a different friend than the one mentioned above...

And here are his comments on his friend's death. He knows COVID is real. He says he's buried two of his friends now, but seems to lean on their being Diabetic as the co-reason.

The same day he announced the death of his friend he posted this:

He supports Kyrie Iving's anti-vaxx stance obviously:

Again with the immune system. Clearly, we need to educate people on how the vaccines work to get your immune system to recognize the virus and kill it. It's ALL about the immune system.

Seems to wonder about mandates...

I think this is the moment he caught COVID:

Could be. Looks like COVID...

Uh...he thinks he got COVID from someone who was boosted?

He admits he has COVID:

Dead cat bounce, again.

He seems to be getting worse. He still thinks his "natural body" will win:

And he died. And that last sentence is the most important:

Get Vaccinated!!

RIP Earl.

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Jeannie Pope
Jeannie Pope
Feb 13, 2022

On hearing of the death of Earl Gilbert, healthy, “natural” and unvaccinated who said “health is wealth”

A man to admire

A man to inspire

A man who looks after his health.

Science defends

Lifespans extend

I believe “knowledge is wealth”.


Fifth Tenet
Fifth Tenet
Feb 09, 2022

Here's a conspiracy theory for you: Antivaxx propaganda is a racist psy-op to depopulate, bankrupt, and cripple Africa American communities by reminding them of the Tuskegee Experiment and claiming that the vaccine can't be trusted because it was "made by whites".

FFS folks, Covid doesn't give a shit about your skin color, everyone's lungs are pink! Get vaccinated! I don't want to see my fellow humans and countrymen be destroyed like this.


Feb 01, 2022

I hate that people are mocking his death, I cant help but notice somewhat racist (white liberals can be pretty racist too from my experience) undertone and gaslighting in it. By all means attack all the conservative QAnon Magachuds but leave him alone.

You'll come across plenty of otherwise wonderful people, especially in black community that are vaccine skeptics but they arent anything like the anti mask Karens that are posted here. Also you shouldnt be quick to dismiss the vaccine skepticism that exists in the black community

Feb 17, 2022
Replying to

Dude. Have you read what this ass hole posted about the vaccine? How he mocked and discouraged getting vaxxed? He was arrogant, ignorant piece of shit. Has nothing to do with race. Covid has no respect of race, religion and/or political party. In his case it is worst because his audience was primarily Blacks.


Cecilia Sullivan
Cecilia Sullivan
Jan 23, 2022

I feel as if many of these "woke" sorts have huge egos. They certainly don't understand how the immune system works.

They take this holier than thou stance and say their "clean eating" or superior mindset will see them through...pride comes before a fall. In this case pride comes before dying.


Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen
Jan 17, 2022

So, I'm confused... this guy believed eating the wrong things would destroy the body but the immune system would always win if not enhanced with a vaccine? Seems to be an oxymoron in that logic.

"Watch my natural body adjust" - ummmm... oops!

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