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Garrett Burridge, 47, Groveland, MA, Ford-hating, Construction Co. Owner, on ventilator in ICU.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Update (1/11/22): Garrett is going to make it! See update and my last comments below:

Update (12/2721): You'll be shocked to know that Garrett didn't make it home for Christmas BUT he is STILL with us, folks! More slight improvements. See update below:

Update (12/24/21): Garrett is still hanging in there. See update below:

Usually, the posting is all done by Vaxman. I thought I'd give him a bit of a break from posting for a bit. Let's call it an early Christmas present to Vaxman from Vaxxylady, one pro-vax friend to another.

According to an anonymous source and a GoFundMe, Garrett is in a Boston ICU on a ventilator. Here is another father with young children who is fighting for his life because he, most likely, refused a vaccine. It doesn't have to be like this. Instead of spending Christmas morning with his kids and wife, Garrett will be in the hospital missing the kids' joyful faces as they check to see if Santa drank his milk and ate his cookies, and then find the presents he left under the tree while they were sleeping. I'm nearly frustrated to tears (if I had any left) because Garrett is just one of many across the world who is in the same PREVENTABLE situation. And c'mon...ONE of you SAV readers could have warned him about the goatee! Seriously.

I can't say that Garrett and I have much in common and we don't know each other personally, so I'll share a bit of what I've learned about him. Garrett hates two things, Democrats and Fords. I'm not sure what he's got against Fords. Maybe it's because I'm not really into cars that I don't understand the contempt people have towards one brand over another. They're cars, pretty much the same on the inside, right? All gears, wires, and pistons under a hood, riding upon four tires...wait a second. That reminds me of something else, but I'm not going to go there. That's for another forum.

Let's get back to the topic at hand. Was Garrett an anti-vaxxer? He certainly wasn't in favor of mandates or masks but was more quiet than our usual SAV-er about the vaccine, itself. He didn't push a lot of the the usual vaccine misinformation. He's also not one of the worst to be featured on SAV, so maybe, since it's my first post AND in the Christmas spirit, I'm asking that our SAV readers reach way down, beyond our frustration and emotional fatigue with anti-vaxxers, and show hope and compassion. HOPEFULLY, he will come out of this dreadful experience with a new lease on life, just like Ebeneezer Scrooge! Only, instead of going from miserly to generous like Scrooge, Garrett will become a proponent of vaccines and masks. Regardless, his choices caused his illness and immeasurable pain to his family, his finances, and likely, his long-term health (if he survives). Time to take a look and see what he thinks:

I guess a few thousand deaths are meaningless to Garrett. This was a year ago, so maybe he has changed his tune with the constant influx of new data. Let's see.

Oh boy...Did Garrett get to see Trump on January 6th? Surely there was no Covid there since Trump is vaccinated (and, as recently reported, BOOSTED too!).

Well, I guess this is pretty clear. If you take the J&J vaccine you turn into a character from The Goonies! So, Sloth gets vaccinated AND gets to live with Chunk? Doesn't sound so bad to me! Truffle Shuffle time!

I guess we're not supposed to share our vaccination status? Okay, that's not so bad but we're getting a good sense of his thinking. Let's keep chugging along.

See what I mean? He really doesn't like Fords. Wait, I'm getting off topic already! How does Vaxman do this so well?

I don't think Garrett was talking about diapers here, right? Ahhh! I get it! He doesn't want to wear masks! Silly me. I guess I'm just slow to understand Garrett's sense of humor. What a funny guy, right?

I don't think he understands why the virus keeps spreading and mutating so that we need boosters. If only there were a way to stop spreading the virus...We already know he doesn't like diapers. Whoops, I mean, masks!

I'm guessing that he didn't wear his mask on the job. Keep that in mind if you're in the Northeast and looking for a construction company to hire!

He loves Trump and hates Biden. I'm shocked. (Can you hear my sarcasm?)

Yes, he reminds us he is against vaccination requirements. I think he's established that pretty well so far. THIS is just wrong. WHO DOES THAT? I guess nobody told him to get the vaccine, either. And oh yes, "Fuck sensitivity."

Uh oh. Garrett is in the hospital.

There's an update! Thank goodness she got the good parking spot! Oh wait, that's not the good news. Garrett is improving!

Update 12/21/21 Uh oh....this is NOT looking good now. "his vent only sings its song when he coughs." Not sure that's "singing". A tracheotomy at the end of the week?

Update (12/24/21): Well, it's not looking great, but Garrett is still hanging in there. Liz, you forgot to mention something...get vaccinated so nobody else has to go through this, too!

Update 12/27/21: Garrett is still fighting and hanging in there. Funny how Liz comments on how stubborn Garrett is. Same could be said for her since she still refuses to mention vaccines or masks. Frustrating, right? Has she learned nothing or is it because she knows about SAV and is being indignant?

Get better Garrett! You missed Christmas but maybe you'll be there for Easter!

Update (1/11/22): Congratulations, Garrett and Liz. Garrett didn't die of this PREVENTABLE illness. Yes, you credit God but you really need to be praising science because THAT is what saved his life. Of course, at SAV, Vaxman and I NEVER want to cheer for the death of anyone and we really do wish that the sick will recover, see the vaccine as the miracle it is and encourage others to get vaccinated so nobody else will suffer. Now, since Liz has said ZERO about vaccines, I'm guessing that Garrett won't be changing his stance either. We'll see. Maybe I'm wrong. It'll be hard to find out since they've scrubbed their social media accounts. However, Garrett, if you change your mind and truly advocate for vaccines, I'll gladly update this post and maybe even remove it so that your name won't forever be associated with COVID-related stupidity. What a legacy, right?

Anyways, Garrett, you're going home. I hope that the time away from your family, the upcoming battle towards a full recovery, and the overwhelming amount of medical debt you have coming your way were worth it. Good luck. I don't mean that sarcastically. You're going to need it. At least you have $25k in other people's hard-earned money which, I'm sure, is just a small drop in the bucket towards your looming debt.

C'mon Garrett! We want you to make it for the kids!

Note from Vaxxylady:

Yes, I know I didn't include the link to the GoFundMe. Please don't comment on their FB pages or GoFundMe. I know that we're all frustrated beyond belief but Christmas is this week. This family, and many others, are struggling. We don't have any evidence that the rest of his family is anti-vax and I don't want to make assumptions. Let's not make their Christmas even worse than it's already going to be.

I have a couple of different badges I'll be giving out. Maybe we'll keep giving them out this week since it's Christmas. Stay tuned to find out!

Also, if you do go digging for info on Garrett or anyone else on SAV, KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS. Do not repost anything with pictures of kids. That's a hard line we don't cross here at SAV.

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Noticed his Honey Do biz is now closed? Long covid, I presume. Young kids….so sad


Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Feb 04, 2022

I believe that his name was Garrett

Knew of the vax, but wouldn't go near it

Chose an ICU bed instead

Till his face like his hair turned bright red

Looked like the docs had lost

They didn't give up, now at staggering cost

He's "alive" . . . (or at least he's "not dead")


Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Feb 04, 2022

What an insufferable, fucking DUMB-ass (even by SAV standards). Wow. Posts all these know-it-all, smart-ass anti-vax memes and then nearly dies of covid.

Fuck him.


Dorchester borcester
Dorchester borcester
Jan 31, 2022

I'd completely forgotten about this guy. But because he was wasting hospital resources close to where I live, I wanted to see if he's stopped wasting them. I guess not.


Jan 27, 2022

The latest news from Elizabeth! Garrett is home, back to “a household of four “, which is a weird thing for a stepmother to say. Does this mean they shipped his oldest son and daughter out to live somewhere else? Anyway, Garrett is one lucky jerk. They aren’t saying ANYTHING about vaccines. I’m disappointed.

Todayby Elizabeth Burridge, Beneficiary

We’ve been back to a household of four for three weeks now. Garrett is doing amazingly well and making progress every day. The reunion of our family was beautifully memorable with excited shrieks from the kids and joyful tears from Garrett and I. Since then we have been spending lots of time as a family of four and even prior mundane…

D Mac
D Mac
Jan 31, 2022
Replying to

Well Garret just in the off chance you read this I direct your attention to the post re Chris Williams to give you a window into your potential future.

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