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Gary Bronson, 60, Allegan, MI, WAN Engineer, anti-vaxxer, ICU with complications due to COVID

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

According to his wife, Dawn Marie Bronson, Gary is in the ICU with complications due to COVID. He was first hospitalized sometime in November, seemed to recover and went home; then, like so many, he developed further complications and had to go back into the ICU where he was intubated. Gary mostly posted pro-Trump memes and thoughts, and completely quit Facebook shortly after the presidential election because he found out that Facebook could track him in physical locations. Anyway, he only made a few posts about COVID, but they were enough to establish that he's anti-vaxx. His wife Dawn Marie, however, is now the record holder for the number of anti-vaxx, anti-mask, and anti-mandate posts. In fact, since Gary got COVID she has been alternating between posts updating her husband's condition in the hospital and anti-vaxx posts. These are the types of people who are most difficult to relate to. (This is a long one, so here is the shortcut to the comments.)

First, Gary isn't innocent. He was a vicious conservative political poster who got knocked off Facebook many times and even had the police visit him about threats he made. However, he only wrote a couple of specifically anti-vaxx posts:

The ol' getting-vaccinated-is-Nazism routine:

That's it...that's the extent of his anti-vaxx posts. Then he announces he's leaving Facebook but I think he got sick from COVID before he had a chance to delete his account:

So, Dawn Marie, here below, sets the new SAV record for the number of anti-vaxx posts. I haven't counted but I'm handing her that crown as I'm too lazy to verify it. But take a look at this video of me scrolling her post photos. I was going to remove the soundtrack but the song playing on my stereo was "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon, and I think it sort of fits.

The difference between this entry and most others is that I'm restricting her posts to those made after Gary was hospitalized. There are just too many posts otherwise.

November 26, 2021: I think he's been sick for a while. According to this he would've been hospitalized on November 21:

Full on COVID...

And yet she makes this declaration:

Update: still sick....

And yet another anti-vaxx post (I haven't met anyone who regrets getting vaxxed):

More anti-vaxx...

None of these people had ever even heard of the Nuremberg Code and now they are historical experts:

And Gary is home. Looks like he's out of the woods. The Glory Be To God (not the doctors).

One post I think we can all agree with:

This is actually GREAT news. Maybe they can take all the anti-vaxxers and shove horse paste up their asses?

How much Lung Fluid is on Robert Malone's hands?

More VAERS idiocy from McCullough:

Congratulations on surviving unjabbed and far. So many of you have perished.

She's cray-cray:

She posts this on January 1:

And then, also on January 1, four hours later:

I'd like to see the full chain of command here:

Seems like the clots aren't listening:

C'mon, Dawn, it's just Psy-Ops:

Or maybe it's real?

Here is another post I think we all can agree with:'s an anti-Fauci post:

Meanwhile Gary is still on the vent:

Her praying is making him cough?

Maybe those cough prayers are working?

Nope, not working...

Keep praying...

Ok, he's off the vent!

Off the vent means she has time to post some more anti-vaxx stuff:

Increasing his oxygen...

She's praying for the vaccine-injured now;

Gary going downhill again... (she took her eye off the prayer ball!)

Uh oh..."delirium"...

Maybe if you gave those prayers a rest he could relax?

Back to anti-vaxx stuff again:


double ::sigh::

Gary in delirium again...

An obvious Photoshop:

You mean like prayer?


-- Will Gary get better, or will he plunge back into delirium again?

-- Will the Prayer Warriors finally take command of something?

-- Will Dawn's next post be an update of her terribly ill husband or another anti-vaxx post?

We'll find out on the SAME SAV TIME (roughly)! SAME SAV CHANNEL!

Get better, Gary.

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Gary has one leg that works with a walker and on the long road to recover (watch out for that bouncy cat).

Dawn Marie however is spiraling down every rabbit hole she can find... Truckers for Freeduuum, End Times, Ukraine is bad, Russia good etc... with Rumble, Telegraph and "prophet Jeff Jansen" as her sources.

Her son Eli just enlisted so we'll see if exposure to the real world saves his ass.


The latest... HE'S ALIVE


I'm as patient as COVID. You can do it Gary!


Feb 03, 2022

The only "Wide area Network" Gary engineered was between his chair and his donuts.


Honestly, all these batsh!t Michiganders on this list make me sad. I'd bet money he was in Lansing that first summer demanding the right to a haircut.

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