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Giuseppe D'Auria, 56, Misano, IT, owner of ice cream shop, extreme anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this story and this story, Giuseppe died from COVID on 11/18/21. Apparently, he didn't go to the hospital until the last minute, and when he got there he needed to be intubated and put on a ventilator right away. He refused and he died the next day. His girlfriend said she was good with his decision. Giuseppe was a VERY active anti-vaxxer, especially on Facebook where he posted as many anti-vaxx posts and articles in the two weeks before he died as most people on SAV post in a few months. His arguments are all the same as everyone else though: a lot of conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-mandate stuff, posting Rand Paul, Candace Owens, and many debunked claims. The only thing, though, is that Giuseppe doesn't seem much interested in religion, which is a bit of change.

Like I said...Giuseppe could be the world champion of anti-vaxx posts on Facebook. I'm not posting them all here, just some of what he posted in the two weeks before he died, and only the ones I could translate. There are many, many more. He very much shows that these ideas aren't confined to rednecks in America and Canada.

We'll start on November 4. Oh look, he posts Candace Owens...

Oh look, he posts the debunked claim that the US Army had trouble with the vaccine:

Oh look, he blames Bill Gates:

Not sure what he's getting at here:

Oh look, he likes Rand Paul...

Oh look "do not comply"...

Just to show how nuts he is, here he's claiming Gov Newsome was arrested for Child Porn:

Oh look, here he's using VAERS to make a point...

Oh look, here's some old kook of a doctor saying children and pregnant women shouldn't get the vaxx:

He thinks he's found a death related to the vaccine:

He loves Ice Cube:

Ok, some people who are vaxxed get sick, yet... but... never mind, you're dead.

It's not science, it's business....

We're damn idiots who will "realize at our own risk"...of him dying.

Oh look, he believes in David Icke's lizard people and New World Order...

I wasn't kidding...lizard people...

He thinks he's found another death from the vaccine...

An association of criminals...

If you know Italian I invite you to his Facebook page. There is MUCH more than this. It's quite impressive.

But he dies six days after his last anti-vaxx post.

RIP Giuseppe.

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Frothy Santorum
Frothy Santorum
Jan 19, 2022

Why would the Marines be in his basement?



Jan 17, 2022

Hey, Giuseppe, how is the gelato in hell? Arrevedecci, estupido!


Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Jan 14, 2022

>>The only thing though, Giuseppe doesn't seem much interested in religion, which is a bit of change.<<

Newsflash: Giuseppe is - well, WAS - a European. They're not as credulous and gullible as we are when it comes to religion. They know from historical experience that it's bullshit.


Giuseppe Barbieri
Giuseppe Barbieri
Dec 22, 2021

On the behalf of italians, sorry for him. Most of us do have a brain


The Bitch-uation Room
The Bitch-uation Room
Dec 17, 2021

He's on ice.

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