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Glen Clark, 62, Duson, LA. Graphic Designer and Photographer. Anti-vaxxer, Dead of Covid.

Glen Clark was a photographer and graphic designer. He was also a husband, father, and grandfather. According to a SAV source, Glen contracted Covid and spent some time in the ICU before passing away at the age of 62. As I started on Glen's post I was thinking that he was just another typical SAV candidate and he is, honestly. However, I found some posts from his daughter, and this is where it turns a bit.

This is a long one so jump to comments here. Read the whole story though!

Glen's daughter and I could almost be the same person. She and her family are vaccinated and do all the right things to protect themselves and others from Covid. She's had to take a stand against her family because they fall on different sides of the fence on Covid. We don't usually see this on SAV.

When I read her words it was like reading about my family and my own father (my dad is still alive but I did lose a grandfather to Covid, pre-vaccine). It broke my heart. She clearly loved her father but was frustrated that she couldn't change his mind or the minds of her other family members when it came to Covid. She lost both her father and grandfather to Covid in less than 3 weeks. You can feel the pain in her words. I wish more anti-vaxx parents and relatives would read her words and hear her pain, see the family rifts that erupt, and the NEEDLESS deaths that happen.

**Please be respectful of Glen's daughter and her grandfather (I could find no evidence that he was anti-vax). Glen's daughter is pro-science, pro-vaccine, and pro-mask. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT harass her, message her, post to her page, or do anything to her, her husband, or children. She does not deserve any ridicule or further pain. Save your anger for the anti-vaxxers, which she CLEARLY is not.**

I suspect that the laughing reactions are from her aunt and uncle. So cruel.

See her comment about her uncle's family and how they relied on faith to keep them safe? More laughing reactions. I feel so awful for her. Honest. There is nothing funny about what she is saying or going through.

I relate to her so much. It IS hard not to take people's decisions personally, especially your family. I can tell she's mourning her father but is still angry. His decision to believe misinformation over his daughter and science cost him his life. Her extended family likely brought Covid to her grandfather which ultimately ended his life, too. Now she is left to deal with the pain and hurt from those decisions.

So, that part was about his daughter. A family divided, obviously. Now that you've heard his daughter, we need to hear from Glen, the anti-vaxxer, and see that he earned his spot on SAV.

Yay, a first for me! Thanks, Glen! I've never seen this one before. See the quote at the bottom? Apparently "you're a retarded cow if you get the vaccine."

Double bonus for using an offensive word in an anti-vaccine meme. At least they used the appropriate contraction for 'you are.'

If Glen meant depopulation of science-deniers, then I guess he was right because Glen was definitely eliminated from the population.

Glen says he won't be a chemical experiment. His friends agree. He's eating better and is the healthiest he's been in years...until he isn't. He died of Covid, not the vaccine.

Taking advice from DeathSantis is never advisable. I mean, LOOK at that face!!

Following DeathSantis's dangerous vaccine meme, here's the 99.9% survival rate meme which is pretty standard around here. The math didn't work out so well for Glen, did it?

He is definitely a victim of both pandemics, Coronavirus AND stupidity. That one REALLY didn't age well, did it?

To keep things moving along I put together a lot of his anti-vaccine posts. There were SO many.

Glen was a prostate cancer survivor. I wonder if he knew every ingredient that he received during his treatment. Imagine surviving cancer but dying needlessly of a virus because you refused to take a shot. Also, I looked up ethylene dioxide and I could only find ethylene oxide which CAN cause cancer but isn't found in any vaccine. I'm certainly no scientist but Dr. Brad Campbell doesn't seem like a reliable source of information.

Would you be surprised to learn that Glen didn't believe in masks?

Well, of COURSE Glen has the "Fauci Fury!"

Don't worry, there is a GoFundMe for his wife, Darlene! It says his passing "was very unexpected." I don't know about that. He was an older Cancer survivor, an avid anti-vaxxer, and an anti-masker in the middle of a global pandemic. That's not so surprising to me. Looks like she's $95,875 short of her goal.

Does he hate President Biden and Democrats? You betcha! (This is just a small gathering of his posts. There are so many more, but there were too many for me to capture.)

This Braveheart dumb. What Glen fails to realize is that SOME people care about the health and well-being of their fellow citizens and want to protect them. It's not about submitting to oppression or blindly following rules. Keeping people safe and healthy seems like the Christian thing to do. Speaking of which…

He's definitely a Christian. Just don't ask him to protect his health or anyone else's.

What is this about Satan's loser rapper who can keep his shoes (wtf?!?).

Glen shared the following page from Carl Sagan's book. I find it pretty ironic that he shared anything from Carl Sagan because he obviously didn't know who he was or what he thought. $hit-posters will share anything they think might help further their argument. Glen didn't understand that hitting the share button didn't make him smart, clever, or funny.

Author Alex Stephens wrote a great article about the anti-vaxxers’ use of Sagan's book, The Demon-Haunted World, and said, "As soon as an anti-scientific movement gains a little steam, it is readily adopted by the large cross-section of society who see it as a preferable alternative to accepting the reality of the pandemic."

I wonder if Glen was cremated. If he was, is he still part of family game night? Does he help with Boggle? Charades? Pictionary? Trivial Pursuit?

Here's another couple of posts that didn't age well. Covid is no conspiracy and if anyone is owned an apology it's not Glen.

Sorry to say, Glen, but you did NOT win. Covid won because you didn't believe in vaccines and the science that could have saved your life. Now you’ve left your family without a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Your last story in life was dying needlessly of Covid and abandoning your family. Is that really what you call winning?

RIP Glen.

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Jul 30, 2022


Unknown member
Jul 10, 2022

THE IRONY of quoting Carl Sagan and being a "crystal-clutching horoscope reader" and "Conspiracy Theorist" is amazing.

People want knowledge, but nobody wants to read, think or criticize their narrow perspectives.

Rest In Hourglass,


Covid Free
Covid Free
Jul 05, 2022

I wonder if this guy’s rotting corpse still has that nice smile.


Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
Jul 03, 2022

These "Men" are pathetic! But, hey, 4 grand is 4 grand. I'm thinking of starting a "Go Fund" me Party account! I took the "Jab" 4 times, I'm healthy as a horse and I never passed on a disease or false information, come on, let's party like it's 2009! Who's with me?

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