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Hana Horka, 57, Czech Republic, Folk Singer, unvaxxed, dead from COVID

By now you've heard this story. Hana was the lead singer of the Czech folk band "Asonance", which unfortunately sounds like a combination: Asinine + Dissonance = Asonance. Hana's husband and son were vaxxed, while Hana remained unvaxxed. Her husband and son got sick at home, and Hana not only didn't take any precautions, but in a post that will live in infamy, said something to the effect that she was glad to catch COVID, and she was feeling better, and now she could go places like the sauna. If she hadn't posted that, the entire world wouldn't be laughing at her this week. Now, in the recent post on Meat Loaf, I tried to explain that I don't feel right posting people who were simply unvaxxed, not militant anti-vaxx crusaders who were hell-bent on convincing everyone to join their army of anti-vaxxers. There has certainly been some disagreement among the SAV crowd over my take on Meat Loaf as not being worthy of a SAV entry. I think this Hana case is a better example of a post that I should not be writing. So, why shouldn't I make this post? Well, there have been many stories written about this site by woke snowflake liberal journalists who attack it as some kind of inhumane glib mockery of dead victims who denied the vaccine, which it is. However, all but one of those journalists caught the reason for doing what we're doing, and understood exactly which types of people we are mocking. You can read the sissy articles that question the value of SAV, yourself: The Washington Post-What do all these stories of vaccine denial deaths do to our sense of empathy?; The Daily Beast - Mocking Unvaxxed COVID victims is the new Bloodsport; The LA Times (non-paywall version) - When an antivaxxer dies is that cause for glib ironic sastisfaction?; The New York Times - They died from COVID, then the online attacks started; They're all like --- "Poor dead people and their families, these people mocking them have no heart" For all of the articles above, except the one in the LA Times, each author interviewed me for at least 1.5 hours, and all seemed to get what I was saying during the interview but then wrote something different. Privately, on the phone, NYTs Dan Levin was even attacking religion and all these people's beliefs in the "Great Magician In The Sky" as the reason they were dying. The one guy who really did get it, was LA Times writer, Michael Hitzik, who wrote: LA Times - Mocking Anti-vaxxers may be Ghoulish, yes -- but necessary Now, he made sure to point out in that article, and in subsequent interviews, that we here at SAV are mocking not simply vaccine deniers but anti-vaccine crusaders. THAT is a very important distinction. You see, in this war there are soldiers who die, and there are civilians who die. The civilians are those who were victims more than perpetrators of the disinformation. Hana here is certainly a dead civilian, so I shouldn't post her, but I am. By the way, Hana holds the new record for the number of form submissions recommending that I post her: 560.

First, let's sing along with Hana on this Asonance classic:

So before Hana's son removed her Facebook, I went and looked it over. There were no antivaxx posts on her Facebook feed at all, but here is the one infamous post that brought her worldwide attention. (I managed to grab it before her site disappeared the other day.):

^^^ Now clearly, Google Translate sucks at Czech, and I'm not really sure what that says. I think it says that she had the delta variant and is happy about it. It was colorful? And then something about tampon commercials, her period, and getting into a sauna. EW! Is that what she means by colorful?

BBC then interviewed her son, Jan Rek:

RIP Hana.

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