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Ira Lerman, 65, Peabody, MA. TSA Officer, Anti-vaxxer, dead of Covid.

According to a release from the TSA and this obituary, Dual Function Transportation Safety Officer Ira Lerman died of Covid on January 24th, 2022. The TSA release also added that Lerman was the 35th TSA employee who has passed away after a Covid-19 infection. According to an April 2022 Forbes article that number is now 36 and they've since stopped reporting Covid cases among employees.

If you look at Ira's picture, he seems like a pleasant individual. Then you see his Facebook page. Honestly, it's one of the more interesting ones I've seen in my SAV days. First, he shared many of his posts three times each. I guess he REALLY wanted to make sure his posts were seen. Second, he commented on his own posts but almost nobody else did. Third, I think he had a problem with his CAPS lock key because it seemed to be sticking most of the time. (Click here to jump to the comment section)

Ira says, many times, that Covid is 'The Great Reset' and all about population control.

He says: "Population control through vaccination plays a significant role in the implementation of the communist/socialist dem's "Great Reset!" No more need for bullets or Zyclon-b gas chambers."

Clearly, he was against vaccines. Here is a small sample of his anti-vaccine posts.

He shared this post, from now-defunct, that scientists want to tattoo children as proof they've been vaccinated and then continued on a rant about the 99.999999% probability of survival. I guess he was one of the special 00.000001%.

I decided to see what this post was about and indeed, MIT created a special ink that could serve as a vaccination record. It was developed before Covid existed. It was for the purpose of being used in underdeveloped countries still fighting diseases like polio and measles with vaccinations but paper and/or electronic vaccination records don't exist. This was a project from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so of course the conspiracy nuts ran with it.

He was adamantly opposed to vaccine mandates.

He really had a thing against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Unsurprisingly, he was not a fan of President Biden.

He thought the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.

As a TSA employee, I can't imagine how many times Ira must have been exposed to Covid. TSA employees were required to wear nitrile gloves and masks and I'm sure that helped protect him to an extent. Federal employees were required to be vaccinated or request a medical or religious exemption by November 22nd, 2021. Maybe he did get vaccinated, maybe he got an exemption, or maybe he got a fake vaccine card (I have found MANY sources for those online). We can't be sure. Even if he DID get a vaccine to comply with his employer's mandate, one dose and no boosters is almost no match for Covid these days, as he found out.


I'd like to quickly address some complaints that we've had at SAV. Yes, this guy died in January. I know this isn't the "fresh meat" many desire. However, it is a new story to SAV. SAV's first post was on May 17, 2021. Since then we've featured over 400 people in 425 days. That's a lot of content but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find SAV-worthy candidates so we have to take what we can get, even if it's not "fresh." The other option is not to make any new posts if they're "not fresh enough", which I don't think most of our readers want.

Last evening we received a submission but by the time I went to check it out, less than 8 hours later, the profile was scrubbed. This happens a lot. Between SAV and the Herman Cain Awards, we've put the highlight on anti-vaxxers and when fans/pro-vaxxers find one in the wild, they start commenting on their page and then the anti-vaxxer usually shuts it down. Also, the anti-vaxxers are aware of sites like ours and many have locked their accounts down so they are not visible to the public. That makes getting content for SAV more difficult. We hear you and we are trying to deliver new and fresh stories for SAV but please understand that it's getting tougher, not because the anti-vaxxers aren't out there but because they're going into hiding.

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12. Aug. 2022

Ah, an overachiever in the mix! Glad your dead!

Gefällt mir

09. Aug. 2022

Enjoy your retirement!

Gefällt mir

D Mac
D Mac
29. Juli 2022

Ira was trying so hard to get anyone to pay him any attention that I'm happy in a way that he managed to get himself memorialized here.

Gefällt mir

Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
26. Juli 2022

And those states are thankfully less populated at this time.

Gefällt mir
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