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Jamie Kennedy, 49, Paintsville, KY, High School Football Coach + Health Teacher, Dead from COVID

I'm going to introduce you to Jamie Kennedy of Paintsville, KY. Jamie was a high school football coach and health teacher. He was happily married for 12 years to Mary Ann Kennedy and had three stepsons and a granddaughter. Life was good until...

Jamie was really concerned about not wasting any of the time he had left here on earth. Jamie failed to realize that he would have gained many more years of living if he had taken a few easy precautions. Jump to comments.

He's another Trump Humper ✔️ who was worried about losing his god-given gun rights.

He started off the pandemic worried that the government was calling "wolf," which quickly led to him being worried about being forced to get vaccinated.

Oh, Jamie. If you were only here to see how fitting this one is.

A few more before we jump to his wife, Mary Ann.

Unfortunately, Mary Ann had the same thoughts about COVID.

Mary Ann had similar thoughts on COVID.

Seventeen days after Mary Ann shared the DeSantis post, and two days after he turned 49, Jamie sadly passed away and earned his Herman Cain Award. His story even made the evening news.

Two weeks after her husband's passing, Mary Ann wised up and got vaccinated. 👏

One year later.

Jamie has officially been replaced with an exact replica. Not only do they look a lot alike, but he's also a football coach. Good for you, Mary Ann.

I didn't intend to share another story with the spouse moving on, but that is what seems to be the trend when we find these older stories. If you don't want this to be you, get vaccinated and get your booster. You can always find us on Facebook at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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20 באפר׳ 2023

The guy is pushing maximum density but is a "Health Teacher"????????? If he's a model of good health, then I've misunderstood 40 years of healthcare work.


Dumbass Patrol
Dumbass Patrol
26 במרץ 2023

There must be a shortage of attractive men in her town. Fat & Fuqqqqly.


The good news is he's a cautionary tale for the school students. Presumably. It is KY so coin toss.


15 במרץ 2023

Wow. Jamie was a nasty piece of work. The morbidly obese go from sniffles to grave pretty damned fast, just four weeks for this asshole. Oh, well...


Wow, someone might want to check to see if he was actually qualified to even teach kindergarden...WHY ARE ALL OF THESE BOZOS SO PROUD OF THEIR IGNORANCE?

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