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Jason Bettcher, 47, Edmonton, AB, CA. Iron Worker, unvaxxed, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary, Jason died on October 17, 2021. As far as sorryantivaxxer entries go, this one is a little different. Jason wasn't an "activist" like most of the others on this site who pushed anti-vaxx views on social media. He did post the "I don't care if you're vaccinated" profile frame that so many anti-vaxxers do, but normally I wouldn't post someone with just that on this profile page. The reason I'm posting Jason is so that everyone can read the tongue-lashing that his wife, Annette, gives anti-vaxxer friends of her husband. Also, she's very open about the pain that she was put through. In fact, she's posting her thoughts, anguish, and memories of her husband every day until his birthday this month. It's heartbreaking, but given the goal of this site, to convince anti-vaxxer holdouts to get vaccinated, this should be posted here. Please show Annette the compassion and respect she deserves.

Please note that there are no "prayer warriors" or a "gofundme" here. Just emotion laid bare.

Here are the only things he posted that exposed his thoughts on vaccines:


It's also a bit worrisome to see this post in 2020 (especially since he was Canadian):

But that's it. Not egregious enough to make the list (by my own self-imposed rules).

Once he gets COVID his wife weighs in on Facebook:

The post continues...


Four days later, she has an update. Ugh, my heart hurts for her:

And this brings me to tears...

This is worth posting for the advice she gives us in the last paragraph:

They decide to take him off life support:

He dies...

Got to be vaxxed or tested for the services...

Thank you, Annette.

RIP Jason.

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