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Jeff & Christy Gough, 52, 49, Uniontown, KY, She was RN, anti-vaxxers, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to social media posts (below) Jeff died 11/13/21. Christy died on 10/31/21 according to this obituary. There are a couple of things that make this SAV entry more mind-boggling than most of the others. First, Christy Gough was a Registered Nurse, so that alone should've been enough to get them vaccinated (with booster!). Second, Jeff's daughter (Christy's step-daughter) battled COVID in 2020 before vaccines were available. Her 40 day battle in the hospital was well publicized, as she is a sports reporter in Savanah, Georgia, and she documented her struggle which was eventually reported by CNN's Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper. She pushed mask wearing and vaccines on social media repeatedly, and I'm sure tried to convince her father and step-mother to get vaccinated as well. This is about as senseless as it gets.

First, please understand that Jeff's daughter Lyndsey Gough got really sick and came close to dying herself from COVID in July 2020 ( ):

Like I said, CNN's Brian Stelter reported on it:

When she came through she had a message for everyone:

And yet, Jeff, Lyndsey's father, was still fighting against public health recommendations:

And was clearly against the vaccines (as well as mail-in voting):

His good and talented daughter kept pushing vaccines on Twitter:

While her father Jeff took the opposite approach:

And in September, just before getting COVID:

And Lyndsey reports that Christy died from COVID:

And then yesterday she lost her father Jeff to COVID:

RIP Jeff and Christy.

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Creepy McStinky
Creepy McStinky
05 dic 2021

I love reading about these two-for-one deals. Two less oxygen converters…

Me gusta

Kelli Alo
Kelli Alo
22 nov 2021

You literally can't fix stupid

Me gusta

There's a saying, that someone is "too stupid to live". COVID is demonstrating that this is literally true, and not just a metaphor. Wild.

Me gusta

we would have disagreed on pretty much everything but all the same, rest in peace.

Me gusta

Elena Winter
Elena Winter
19 nov 2021

This makes me feel so bad for Lindsey, I can't even imagine how frustrating it must have been trying to reason with her father and stepmother. And then losing both of them, knowing full well that their own stupidity has killed them... must be horrible. They didn't even care enough about Lindsey's own severe Covid illness to start listening.

Me gusta
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