Jeff Hoverson, 57, Minot, ND, State Representative (R) and Pastor, anti-vaxxer, recovering.

UPDATE (11/27/21): We have an infuriating video update from Jeff himself. Click here to jump to the update.

Original Post (11/10/21): (According to this story Jeff has to miss his rally to stop vaccine mandates yesterday because he's at home sick with COVID. He posted "Feeling rough" and “Covid is real and like a really bad flu" and “But this ivermectin is keeping me out of the hospital.”

When I checked his facebook page, he's about as loud and consistent of a anit-vaxxer as you'll see on this site. It seems like for the past few months that it's all that he cares about. We'll see how he does. As we've seen lately, his best bet is to get himself some monoclonal antibodies instead of deworming Ivermectin. Also, he should probably shave his goatee to reduce his risk of death from COVID. :)

Let's see what a North Dakota State representative anti-vaxxer posts:

We'll start in late August:

There has to be evidence that you are actually sick? What? That video is gone so I have no idea.

He posts false information about Ivermectin:

Debunked claim:

Remember this hazmat clown?

Known treatment to cure COVID? How about a vaccine?

What would be the maximum IQ level that it takes to not understand that this WONDER DRUG is for GETTING RID OF PARASITES not viruses. Penicillin definitely is a miracle drug but you don't use it to lower your blood pressure.

Good god. Dr Jake Schmitz needs to lose whatever licenses he has for this BS:

More facebook identified false informaiton about vaccines...

Leaky vaccine? Is that anything like incontinence?

Of course, they wheel out a one in a million vaccine injured person:

Here is the rally he missed. Darn.

Well, Jeff, I hope you get better, but it won't be because of dewormer medicine if you do.

We'll be watching closely. You fit the profile of a lot of people who have gotten very ill for this disease, but still the odds are in your favor.


UPDATE (11/27/21): Here is a video update from Jeff himself. I infuriates me, as it will anyone who is believes in rationality. He simply reiterates his past anti-vaxx pro-liberity pro-ivermectin pro-stupidity stance but in an explanatory tone.

Here is what I posted on his facebook post of this video (I know, I'm against us posting on their facebooks but ... I couldn't help it this time!):

"Jeff, NO. Good Science has nothing to do with laymen like yourself having a civil discussion. Good science is done by SCIENTISTS who are part of an expert community of peer review. It is not something open to debate by people who are not involved in the very difficult job of pursuing truth through the scientific method. As a non-scientist you and others like you don't get to weigh in. Only science can disprove science not some pastor on the plains of the Dakotas. Get real."

It is these dumbasses who don't know the difference between correlation and causation. So, he takes Ivermectin and gets COVID anyway and dismisses this fact, but then credits Ivermectin for his recovery. He could also credit drinking milk if he was drinking Apple Juice during his sickness.

Honestly, 90% of these anti-vaxxers won't change their stance no matter what. Especially those that remain anti-vaxxers now. These are hard-cores. These aren't people who were simply bamboozelled by Russian bots. Oh well, time to start drinking.

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