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Jennifer Muir-Smith, 41, Calgary, AB, CA. Massage Therapist, Un-vaxxed. Dead from COVID.

Here's one I wrote up back in December but didn't post (I can't remember why):

According to social media posts, Jennifer died of COVID on November 26, 2021. Jennifer was young, fit, and attractive. Not the type that anti-vaxxers expected to die from COVID. She serves as a warning to go ahead and get vaccinated no matter what, even if you think you are outside of the normal demographic of people who become critically ill or die from COVID. I wouldn't put Jennifer in the SAV "anti-vaxxer" category that has evolved on this site; she only posted two posts calling into question the value of the vaccines, but then again she only had six posts in 2021 overall that weren't just profile pictures or cover photos.

So, why didn't Jennifer get vaccinated? I guess whoever the Canadian Fauci was wasn't convincing enough for her?

She's reading Malone and Kirsch. That's what killed her.

She was tagged as a member of this group:

Well...she died six days after this post:

One of Jennifer’s friends feels bad because she couldn't convince her to get vaccinated and has a warning for her other friends:

She left behind a son and daughter.

RIP Jennifer.

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