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Jerry Walker, 66, Lakeland, FL, retired, Anti-vaxxer. Died from complications due to COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Jerry passed away from the trauma of COVID on August 31, 2021. Jerry was an anti-vaxxer, to his peril. He leaves a wife, four children and eight grandchildren behind.

Normally I'd post all of the memes this anti-vaxxer shared. However we only need this one post and thread to get a sense of why Jerry wasn't vaccinated against COVID.

It continues...

Russ Stephenson made an an effort to get his friend vaccinated, but Jerry's friends weren't helping. Also, Joanne Duffy is pro-vaxx (and anti-Trump). She also tried to explain.

See Joanne Duffy's explaination earlier in the thread....

And what was Jerry Liegey's (different Jerry) response?

UPDATE: An astute commenter pointed out, below, that Joanne Duffy is Jerry Walker's sister. From Jerry's obit:

Oh well. At least Jerry Walker had Russ and his sister Joanne who were trying to get him and his friends vaccinated. These anti-vaxx people aren't going to listen until everyone around them dies, apparently.

RIP Jerry Walker.

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