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Joanne Williamson Kilbourne, San Tan Valley, AZ. Mary Kay Rep & Anti-vaxxer. Covid survivor.

Let's meet Joanne from Arizona. She's a God-fearing, Trump-loving, Mary Kay-selling, wife and mother. She is also unvaccinated and suffered from Covid.

Her friend said that Covid would be gone by election day and Joanne said that's what she got from the spirit, too. Wait...the Holy Spirit told her? Well, that was WRONG.

No "VACINE" for her since she can't trust the government after the 2020 Presidential election.

If the government is trying to get people vaccinated against a deadly virus, it must mean that they're up to something...yeah, like trying to save people's lives!!

She shared this bunch of rubbish from pharmacist, Harvey Staub.

Sorry, Joanne, but this is w-r-o-n-g. Fact checked here

More inaccuracies from her and her daughter Tisha:

Here are the actual facts about supposed "shedding"

In the comments she reiterates that she is not getting the vaccine and "time will tell for the nay-sayers who don't believe this."

Instead of worrying about Covid, worry more about your friends and family who aren't ready for the impending Rapture!

I think it's clear how she feels about masks.

She shared this link about the Frontline doctors being shut down on social media for promoting HCQ. The reason they we’re shut down on social media is because they were WRONG. Read it here and here if you don't believe me.

If the doctors refuse to prescribe HCQ she shared this recipe to make your own!

Nope. This doesn't work.

Well, just for fun, here's another Fact Check from Reuters because, why not?

Fauci is like Jim Jones?

There's this advice to fight Covid at home:

After all that, guess who got Covid...Joanne and her husband!

Now that she has had Covid she admits it's not "an ordinary flu." Seems like it was rough on them.

Well, at least she didn't call it a "scamdemic" but she still put pandemic in parentheses like it's not a real thing.

She loves Trump...

and Christ.

Speaking of Christ...apparently The Weeknd's Super Bowl Halftime show "was the demonic principality GOG in America. It is the driving spirit that works with the spirit of Antichrist to deceive the people of the world into becoming one. United as ONE against Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ."

Speaking of Hollywood, she shared the Q-Anon, Cabal nonsense:

Did she get this post from SAV Alum, Rev. Greg Hooker?

More utter nonsense...

Just in case you were wondering, here it is Fact Checked from Reuters

I wonder if she knows that the word gullible isn't in the dictionary.

Well, Joanne, when people are exposed to extreme heat "they can suffer from potentially deadly illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Hot temperatures can also contribute to deaths from heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of cardiovascular disease." Here's a good article to help you understand.

Her daughter Tisha said it was "frequency manipulation." WTF?!?

What's REALLY scary is people sharing Q-Anon bullshit!

When Joanne isn't busy spreading misinformation on social media she is busy selling!

She used to sell for Paparazzi, a MLM company that sells jewelry.

That didn't seem to do too well and she gave up, but she still has Mary Kay, another MLM company. I wonder if she's earned her pink car yet.

BTW, according to her Mary Kay profile she speaks English, French, AND Farsi. That's...interesting.

Well, Covid didn't take Joanne or her husband but it sure did give them a good wallop. I hope the hair loss slows down and her husband Larry's constipation and brain fog improve.

Best of luck with Mary Kay and the imminent Rapture!

KNOCK IF OFF WITH CALLING WOMEN CU#T$. No more warnings, I'll ban you. We've talked about this!

Would you rather sell:

  • Mary Kay

  • Paparazzi

  • Your soul to the devil

  • Polls are stupid

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