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Jonathan Knipfing, 37, Merritt Is., FL. Died of Covid after family reunion superspreader event.

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

This is another story I started but never finished. He got put on the back burner because I had more compelling stories come along, like Sasquatch lady, the fervid shagger, and the Muslim-hater. Then he got forgotten about, buried in a folder of leads. Finally, this week my computer crashed and had to be sent to Apple TWICE. While I was waiting on my repairs I was trying to work on SAV using my ancient laptop and it wasn't going well. After all that, now it's finally Jonathan's time to shine. Jump to the comments

It's not a new case but as we're two and a half years into this pandemic, some people are getting complacent about Covid precautions. This story is a good reminder to not let our guard down because Covid isn't going away. Please do your part to protect yourself, friends, and family by getting vaccinated and boosted.

A lot of things about Jonathan have been scrubbed, including his obituary.

However, because nothing is ever truly gone from the internet we have this Tweet. Apparently, Jonathan attended a family reunion where he was one of 16 that contracted Covid. Jonathan was sick for a week before he passed away from Covid-19.

His funeral mass was live streamed. That was a safe way for his friends and family to celebrate his life and avoid Covid. There was still a good crowd in the church and everyone was masked.

Beginning around minute 13, his brother stands up to do a reading. It was painful to watch. He clearly loved his brother and was in so much pain. His wife eventually goes up to comfort him and help him get through. I'll talk more about her at the end of the story.

I don't think Jonathan was as avid antivaxxer like . He didn't share a lot of anti-vax posts but he did share misinformation. He took advice from America's Frontline Doctors who are against the Covid-19 vaccine and have peddled bogus Covid treatments. So that makes Jonathan qualifed for his spot on SAV.

This post did not age well.

Judging by the wording on this "study," I wouldn't give it too much credit. Look at the two columns, Democrat-Governed States; Lockdowns, Draconian Restrictions and GOP-Governed States; More Lax Restrictions or Open

He shared this post regarding masks:

He says, "Dr. Stella has had over 400 Covid-19 patients and NOT one has died...all are healthy after taking HCQ, zinc, z-pack and vitamin C."

Who is Dr. Stella? Surely, you recognize her. If you don't, here's a quick rundown:

She's one of the America's Frontline Doctors. She has claimed that the cure for Covid was the anti-parasite drug, hydroxychloroquine and that the Covid vaccine was "Luciferian."

In addition to running a clinic, she also runs a church where "she seeks to remove spirits and demons from her patients and attributed gynecological diseases from demon sperm transmitted during sex dreams with supernatural beings." (Link to Newsweek article)

I was wondering what she's been up to.

This happened last November:

The Texas Medical Board last month took a “corrective action” against Houston’s Dr. Stella Immanuel after she prescribed hydroxychloroquine to treat a patient’s COVID-19 infection without adequately explaining the health consequences, according to medical board records. Immanuel, who gained national attention last year for pushing the drug as a “cure” for COVID, previously told the Chronicle that she used hydroxychloroquine to treat hundreds of patients. In numerous studies, COVID patients have experienced no meaningful benefit from the medication, and some research points to a greater risk of heart rhythm problems. (Gill, 11/1) (link to article)

She is currently suing CNN for $100 million dollars for defamation. (Link here) Litigation is still pending.

You can read the court docket here if you're into that kind of stuff.

Going back a few years, here is Dr. Stella giving a sermon in 2015. She says yoga is demonic (around minute 42). There's a lot to take and a lot of yelling in this sermon.

In this video titled "Covid 19 The complete picture. Great, reset, Human 2.0, Mark of the beast" she keeps referring to sci-fi events. I wonder if she knows what the "fi" in sci-fi is short's FICTION!

Are you concerned about witches and warlocks? Apparently, they are everywhere! She even calls out Jay-Z for being a warlock!

There are a whole lot of videos on her YouTube channel. Dive in if you dare.

Here, CNN reporter Kaitlyn Collins asks Trump, who retweeted posts from Dr. Stella Immanuel, if he was aware that she made claims that masks don't work, doctors make medicine using DNA from aliens, and they're trying to create vaccines to make you immune from becoming religious. Trump responded, "I thought her voice was an important voice" and "I thought she was very impressive." I highly recommend you watch this (click the box and it will open to the CNN story).

Yes, this is the Doctor who Jonathan was quoting and believed in.

Getting back to Jonathan:

He thought Facebook was keeping the truth from people and was upset that they removed his link to Breitbart. He said zinc and HCQ are the cures for Covid. If that was the case, why isn't he still alive? I thought Dr. Stella had all the answers!

That's not how Bill Gates is reentering the dating pool. I heard he's mostly on or

He was a proud Floridian.

He loved the two angels of death:


and Candeath

I think he had a crush on Tomi Lahren.

In case it wasn't clear which way he leaned politically...

Guess what he thinks of Biden?

I did some digging, trying to find more information on the family reunion where he got Covid. I didn't find that but I found his sister in law. After Jonathan's death she was begging people to get vaccinated. There were a lot of positive responses to her post. One person wrote that they had just gotten their vaccine and she said she was literally crying with joy. Several others wrote that Jonathan's story inspired them to also get vaccinated.

So, let's leave the family out of this. Jonathan was an adult who made his own choices and let's not attack the family for his poor decision. Yes, it was a poor choice to have a family reunion at the peak of Covid, but without more information on whether or not the other family members were vaccinated, we should leave them be.

RIP Jonathan

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This one didn’t age well 😂 Now it should have a picture of Hillary. It’s a shame Jonathan didn’t live to see what a total ignorant ass he was supporting that piece of garbage.


07 nov. 2022



Good riddance FuckHead! The only problem is that COVID usually culls the old ones instead of young parasites like you that will infect and destroy for decqades.


Jo Ryan Salazar
Jo Ryan Salazar
27 sept. 2022

Boys, get in. Ugh...


26 sept. 2022

It's said that it's never good or fair to generalize, but this guy's attitude doesn't surprise me one bit. I had a friend who sold real estate on Merritt Island and it's full of nouveau riche Republican douchebags like this who worship the trappings of their wealthy lifestyles, social status and white privilege over everything else. Everything they do is in service to their true god, which is the almighty dollar. I find it difficult to feel even moderately sorry for anyone dumb enough to put their own personal political beliefs before the stewardship of their health and well-being, not to mention the people around them. Or those who are such a one-note song that they can't think of any…

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