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Kenya Ayoub Alu, Dallas, TX, RN, Anti-vaxxer

We're going to call this next series the LoriLeaks files. When we were digging into Lori Kornfeld-Kramer, she shared a post that's been a treasure chest of anti-vaxxers.

Let's meet Kenya Ayoub Alu of Dallas, TX. Kenya is a former registered nurse and big Trumpee. Let's see why she's featured here. Jump to comments here.

We did her father's story on one of our old HCA pages. Kenya FA massively, and so did her dad, but her dad paid the ultimate price. I believe our last screenshot was of her at one of those axe-throwing centers, venting her anger/sorrow. And then we forgot about her.

Kenya has since deleted all traces of her father finding out. I'll do a very quick recap and continue her story. I'm going to share this story just as my HCA partner did on Facebook.

This is Kenya with filters. And this is Kenya all natural.

MAGA to the core of her soul, and a registered nurse too. Lard have mercy.

Kenya's 69-year-old father, Joseph Ayoub was unvaccinated and sadly died on 1/23/22, due to COVID.

And now, we begin the next chapter. I'm reluctantly linking to her write-up since you'll google it anyway.

This is after her dad had elevated up into the sky.

You all remember Rob Skiba. A huge contribution to society?? I beg to differ.

Kenya started as a one-woman campaign against hospitals.

As you can see here...

Some unknown person confirmed her suspicions, apparently.

She is still proudly anti-vax.

Not going to happen, Musk.

He was unvaccinated, not a prisoner, Kenya.

She is very political on her page.


I'll let Kenya tell you her story.

She actually emailed the hospital.

I'll end with what she shared this last week.


Looky here. Another new friend of Shari Snyder. The end.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook at Herman Cain Awardz. And good news, Facebook gave us our page back so you can read even more stories at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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