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Kerry Borland, 50, Girard, PA, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

According to this obituary, Kerry died November 8, 2021 of something. We know from social media that she died from COVID. She stopped posting on August 28, so we suspect that she was sick for 3 months. Her husband Bryon was also an anti-vaxxer.

Let's see what Kerry was sharing on her Facebook feed .You can see the video memes she posted on her Facebook page


If someone shuts her page down, I saved them.

She is a raw dogger!

Because it's Gym Jordan? Nobody takes him seriously.

You can go to her Facebook page and see these idiotic videos:

We are too, Kerry.

So ridiculous...

She had one more post on August 28, and then the next thing we know, on November 8th, she's dead from COVID.

RIP Kerry.

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