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Krista Michelle Daniel, 41, Las Cruces, NM, Religious LGBT, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Krista died on February 5, 2022. She died from COVID. This is the second extreme Christian same-sex married couple to appear on SAV. The first was Amanda Fowler and her wife.. This is a very similar situation. About the same age, both couples had multiple children from past relationships, hints of becoming sober from past addictions, and of course they were Anti-vaxxers. It's difficult to fathom being extreme Christians when the whole movement is against you and your lifestyle, but here we are. Krista's wife's name is Tiffany Becker. Between the two of them, Tiffany was the more vocal anti-vaxx Facebook poster.

^^^Krista on the right, and Tiffany on the left.

Yes, they were anti-vaxx…

Don't need vaccines...just need Jesus...

Yes, we know, many of them ended up on SAV...

That decides it:

Wrong question.

They both posted this, about some chick supposedly suffering from the vaccine, on the same day. Here is Krista's post:

Here is Tiffany's post:

Hospitals kidnapping patients:

Well...they both got COVID but Krista suffered more:

You know, vaccines are like COVID for COVID:

Krista didn't survive:

Tiffany, of course, is distraught:

RIP Krista.

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