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Kyle Mitchel, 39, Brighton, MI, unvaxxed, dead from COVID, wife is a Nurse blaming the Hospital

According to this obituary, Kyle died on January 8, 2022. He died from COVID. He is not deserving of the anti-vaxxer moniker on SAV, but we've entered a stage I didn't see coming when I started this site. Perhaps I should start another site called As we've seen, the unvaccinated people who blame hospital staff and "protocols" for their unvaccinated loved one's deaths are much more disgusting than anti-vaxxers who die, or almost die, but don't blame the medical staff.

This one is particularly aggravating since Kyle's wife Sarah is a Registered Nurse who works for the same hospital system she's blaming for Kyle’s death (at a different facility). Also, why does Michigan seem like the hotbed of blaming hospitals for these COVID deaths?

As a nurse, Sarah was against mandates and it's not clear iwhether SHE was vaccinated or not. But she admits that Kyle was not vaccinated:

She has her "story" on

Here is her story in her own words. Between the 47min and 50min mark she talks about sneaking Ivermectin into the hospital for her husband, but her husband was smart enough to listen to the doctors and didn't take it. He also ok'd the Remdesivir treatments. She has no case, but these people on the video seem to want to push it probably because they are grifters wanting money. This is a super long video at 1.5 hours! By the way, the first person to watch the entire video and give us a rundown will get a special badge for their effort. I just couldn't watch it all, and skipped around a lot. :)

RIP Kyle.

Stop spreading misinformation, Sarah.

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