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Larry Manen, 73, Harrison, Ark. Anti-vaxxer, pushed Ivervectin. Died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this obituary, Larry has died. As you'll see below, he died of COVID. If he tried Ivermectin, it didn't work. He posted pictures of Ivermectin 6 times on his site on August 5th, so it was definitely on his mind, AND he had horses, so...

He concurred with this meme...

And he pushed Ivermectin (the horse paste version!) :

^^^ By the way, the main warnings are: don't use in humans and don't even use in horses you intend to eat! (Some countries eat horse meat.)

Confirms he got Covid, and he died 5 days later.

RIP Larry.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Feb 04, 2022

My folks now live in his neck of the woods. Until recently they were in the minority of Arkansans that were fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, my dad is a Faux news fan and is undecided about a booster. I feel like Sheldon Cooper trying to use mind waves to destroy my enemies, only I’m trying to will Karma to give a throat punch to the entire Fox night-time lineup.

Update: Both Mom and Dad have been boosted. Stuff it Tucker.


Pretty sure this was the horse he was sitting on....

I'm sure Jeebus came for Clip Clop as well...

Good riddance.


James Reynolds
James Reynolds
Oct 18, 2021

That poor horse he's sitting on


Unknown member
Oct 14, 2021

Just out of curiosity (i'm not Murican),who picks up the tab if they go TITS UP?Spouse?Estate?Kids?

Replying to

Insurance picks up the tab if the patient is insured. In this patient’s case, we know he has Medicare because of his age. Hopefully, he has co insurance to pick up whatever Medicare doesn’t.

Without insurance, a person’s spouse or estate would be responsible. If they’re indigent, it’s on the taxpayers. This is why we need socialized medicine.


Warren Fong
Warren Fong
Sep 24, 2021

He must be a veterinarian.

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