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Laurie Dirr, 50, Walton, KY, HS English teacher, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary, Laurie died on 11/11/21. She leaves behind her husband and four children. Laurie was definitely an anti-vaxxer, although not much of a meme spreader. I guess as an English teacher she could express herself without using memes.

Let's see what Laurie was thinking about all this pandemic stuff...

Seems she's been collecting more data than the CDC and info from her doctor (would love to know who that is). It's also apparent that she's a fan of that Christmas Vacation movie:

She decides to deface the COVID-19 tag...

She stands for Medical Freedom...and she creatively added some other thoughts...

You shouldn't follow "science" that isn't SCIENCE, Laurie. There's a difference. Part of the issue is that people aren't taught the process of science and the rigor that goes into it. They don't learn how reputation-based the system is, and so they give more weight what some quack says more than what Dr. Fauci says. It's so dumb.

The classic school board rant we've seen time and time again from these anti-vaxxers:

More pontificating about "science" from someone who doesn't know a thing about it:

She lets everyone know she's alive still (obviously she's been sick for a bit):

She's still alive...

It's prayer time.

She's not alive anymore.

RIP Laurie.

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