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Lori Day, 62, Ft. Meyers, FL. Suffering from long Covid. Still anti-vax & anti-mask.

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Normally, anyone who contracted Covid before the vaccine was available (which, according to this timeline was December 2020) would be off limits on SAV. However, despite Lori's long term suffering from Covid, she is adamant about not getting vaccinated and shares anti-vax and anti-mask posts, as well as vaccine misinformation, which could encourage others not to get vaccinated. As we continue to learn more about the long term effects of Covid, it's becoming more and more clear that a prior Covid infection does not protect you from contracting Covid again and the long term effects of Covid can be devastating. As new and more contagious strains emerge, such as Omicron and BA.4 or 5, it's more important than ever for everyone to be vaccinated in order to avoid the risk of serious illness, death, or long Covid. (Click here to jump to the comments)

There have been new studies showing that the Covid vaccine can actually help alleviate, as well as prevent, some long haul Covid symptoms and Covid reinfection. An article from Yale Medicine says that as many as 30 to 40% of those with long Covid who get the vaccine have reported improvements to their symptoms. Akiko Iwasaki, PhD, said “I’ve heard from people who say they no longer have ‘brain fog,’ their gastrointestinal problems have gone away, or they stopped suffering from the shortness of breath they’ve been living with since being diagnosed with COVID-19,”

According to a Facebook group for Covid Survivors, Lori has been having long haul issues after her bout with Covid in December of 2020. Those issues include not being able to get enough sleep, occipital neuralgia (injured or inflamed occipital nerves causing severe headaches, throbbing and shock-like pain in the neck and head), joint pain, and rapidly failing memory.

Imagine being sick and in pain for two years. It really sounds awful.

Recently, in the Covid FB group. she stated that she feels like she is "dying a slow, tortuous death."

Lori is still hanging in there though. So, what kind of things did Lori post to earn her spot on SAV?

She shared that Covid vaccines are causing cancers and AIDS.

That is not true and has been debunked.

Next is this post saying that not taking the "poison" means you've survived the greatest psychological warfare in human history.

"The jab" didn't cause Justin Bieber's facial paralysis. The varicella-zoster virus that causes Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles. "The jab" can't be blamed for this. Although we blame Canada for Justin Bieber, please take him back (kidding Canadians, we love you!).

There's a lot happening in this post that she shared.

First, Emerald Robinson, of LidellTV, said "Don't forget the neighbors who shunned you for not getting vaccinated. The employers who fired you. The doctors who refused to give you Ivermectin. The people who masked your kids at school."

Second, is Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine skeptic, saying "9 out of 10 people dying of Covid have been vaccinated!" That has been fact checked and is not true.

She shared this video of Senator Malcolm Roberts of Australia saying that the Covid vaccine is killing people.

He's also a climate change denier, just saying...

"Truth" is what she said when she shared this post about former Buffalo Bills WR, Cole Beasley not getting vaccinated.

No doubt, this reaction to the Covid booster is severe. However, this is EXTREMELY rare and occurs in approximately one event per million administrations (link for fact checking here). You're more likely to be crushed by a meteorite, win an Oscar, date a supermodel, or die during a dance party than having an extreme adverse reaction to the vaccine or booster.

She says, "My belief from the beginning of all this. It's in GOD's hands." And shares that while the world trusts the vaccine, her trust fully rests in the Bible. Finally, she's not living in fear of Corona. Personally, I only fear Corona if there's no lime. It just doesn't taste right without the lime, am I right?!?

She said she's not fearful and it's all in God's hands. Is it because she has natural immunity?

Uh oh. I also noticed that this meme is from Frozen, which is from Disney!!!

(Keep reading, it will make sense soon)

Lori shared these posts regarding masks:

There's this post of Fauci's email regarding masks and she says Fauci was a "Liar from the start!!" This IS a real email however it's important to note the date of the email, February 5th, 2020. This is before Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and not as much was known about how it was transmitted. Within two months, Fauci was recommending masks. (Fact checked here)

Speaking of Fauci, Lori posted this from Candeath Owens and says, "Anyone involved should be tried with crimes against humanity...Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, and Biden!!!!"

Here are a few more Covid-related posts that she shared:

Moving along...

Thankfully, the freedom convoy in the United States wasn't as big of a disruption as the one in Canada. She still showed her support for the truckers against mandates. I wonder if she followed fellow SAV alum Shaun Patterson who was part of the Canadian Freedom Convoy?

I'm not totally sure, but it appears that she is a fan of Donald Trump.

I don't think she likes President Biden.

She REALLY loved dogs and other animals. THIS is the kind of stuff I'd rather see on Facebook! Who can get upset about dogs and puppies?!?

It seems that she may be a fan of Johnny Depp. Again, not sure. It's just a guess. I don't want to make assumptions.

She said, "Sad to say, but true! We are done with Disney." What will happen if Johnny Depp makes another Pirates of the Caribbean movie? It IS part of the Disney franchise.

Hard choice, Depp or Disney?

Truthfully, it's awful that so many people are suffering from long Covid. It's important to note, not everyone with long Covid is an anti-vaxxer. Some people got sick before the vaccine was available or before they could be fully boosted, after their, or in less common instances, even after being fully vaccinated and boosted. Additionally, a rare few are unable to have the vaccine due to certain health conditions (I personally know two). And yes, some chose not to get the vaccine and their long Covid is a result of their own choices.

I think we are just beginning to see the devastating, long term effects of Covid. As more people get infected with different variants, I expect to see even more. Many people are now disabled and unable to work. Their quality of life is severely diminished. It impacts nearly every part of their life, as well as their family. I wonder what kind of impact this will have on the economy and workforce as many long haulers utilize disability benefits.

We have seen a few people on SAV who have gotten Covid and changed their vaccine stance because Covid was hell on them and they didn't want anyone to go through what they experienced. When I see people who are complaining about how awful their health is and how devastating the long term effects of Covid are AND STILL encourage others to shun the vaccine, I want to just bang my head against the wall. Why would anyone want their friends and family to experience the same sickness, pain, and sometimes, longterm, chronic illness resulting from Covid?

Please, get vaccinated. We don't need any more suffering in this world.

P.S. A huge thank you to our anonymous SAV Fairy SleuthMothers for finding this story as well as Gary Rains'. If you find a SAV-worthy candidate, be sure to send it our way. Remember the criteria, they have to have contracted Covid and shared anti-vax information. Please provide links and be sure to search to make sure they haven't already been on SAV. It it fits the SAV profile, we will reward you with a shiny, new badge!

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D Mac
D Mac
Oct 14, 2022

Her weird face reminds me of this freak.


Gail Maulhern
Gail Maulhern
Aug 30, 2022

That filter is a mess


Lori doesn't seem to mind giving the "poison" to pets. ???

D Mac
D Mac
Oct 14, 2022
Replying to

Pets can't lean on the Lord.


Michael White
Michael White
Aug 11, 2022

Funny how they don't mind jabs of Botox


RB Roary
RB Roary
Aug 11, 2022

Stupid beyond belief 🙄

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