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Lori Robinette, 58, Bloxom, VA, Anti-vaxxer, Almost 2 Months Hospitalized with Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Originally, I was planning to give you all a compilation of past stories that had interesting commentary from anti-vaxxers and their friends. I stumbled upon a story we featured over a month ago and noticed a lot has happened since. As I was digging more into her story, I realized Lori deserved her own feature.

This is gonna be an interesting ride. Lori and her friends are quite the cast of characters. They have homemade Covid treatments and believe the hospitals are purposely killing you. Get the popcorn out, I think you're going to really enjoy this one.

Lori was a preschool school teacher in the late 90's and then became a homeschool mom in 2001. Lori is EXTREMELY religious and political, and proudly shares her views on Facebook. She's also an EXTREME anti-vaxxer.

She's pretty dramatic. We'll start with this post she made on February 19, 2021. She's expressing her anger toward her daughter Selene. This will come back into play later when she's sick with Covid. Selene calls out her mother for being an abuser. 👀

A few days later, she takes another stab at calling out her daughter. Selene doesn't take the bait. #TeamSelene

And one last 🗡️🗡️. Selene doesn't take the bait again. #TeamSelene

We'll move on from Lori vs her daughter and jump right into Lori's anti-vaxx stance. Lori has hundreds of anti-vaxs posts so I'll just share a few. Not even her son's doctor could persuade her thinking.

Then she posted this on 1/14 and 1/15/22. (Hint: she's sick at this point.)

She then advised her friends to not take Remdesivir when they go to the ER. (Hint: she's in the ER.) Her friend's suggestions are quite entertaining. 🍿🍿

On 1/16/22, this is her first mention that she's not doing well and has Covid. She has friends telling her to take horse dewormer, friends sending her "protocol instructions", Dr. Mccullough's homemade recipe, homemade hydroxychloroquine and a special vegetable soup recipe that will cure her. You can't even make this shit up.

Then she shares that a doctor revealed the truth to her and she has the report to prove it. She must feel very special to have such important information. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

She has to take another dig at Dr. Fauci.

Five days later she shared this "guilt trip" post meant for her daughter Selene. Her friends also chime in again with advice on how to treat Covid.

Selene doesn't take the bait. 😎

BTW, Selene is the complete opposite of her mother. #TeamSelene

Back to Lori. She has finally announced that she has Covid and she's in the ICU on a BIPAP.

She really doesn't want to go on a ventilator. Again, she's very dramatic in most of her posts.

It's selfie time. Sympathy shot. 📷

It sounds like she's going on the ventilator. More FB doctors in the comment section. And who is her friend that had to let her know about getting her cell service back? 🤷‍♀️

Are you still with me? Ok. She then goes dark after her 1/30 post and reappears on 2/21. Hallelujah!

She's the first person to get off the ventilator. Such a lucky gal.

It's rare for us to see anti-vaxxers publically thanking the healthcare workers. 👏 This is the only praise that she'll get from me.

She's now asking about nursing homes. 😬

Come on, God!

She has a lot of time to worry about what's on the news. She wants America First!

She sure asks for a lot of prayers. Her friends must be tired from all of the praying.

Only 10 more days. Woo hoo!

She finally got a shower. She's really aged in the hospital.

It looks like she has a lot of time on her hands to still get a dig in.

On this post from 3/6/22, Lori's friend asked her if she was vaccinated or had the booster. Lori responded that she has too much information on the ingredients and potential side effects and she doesn't trust the CDC.. 🤦‍♀️

Oh shit, she posted the Angel of Death. In the HCAz world, we know this is NOT a good sign.

This was her last post made on 3/7/22. It doesn't sound good.

Update: She just shared this today while laying in a hospital bed.

We'll have to wait and see how this all ends. Why would anyone want to risk going through almost two months of this? If Lori makes it, I, unfortunately, don't foresee her changing her views. Don't be a Lori and just get vaccinated. If you haven't received your booster, go RIGHT NOW!

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May 18, 2022

Vaccination is our superpower over anti-Gay Christians.


Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
Apr 28, 2022


You dumb bitch, I just saw your facebook page. I notice that you have not updated us on your health status, but you continue to post inane memes like a lemming jumping off a cliff.

Listen, you are part of disinformation faith-based suicide cult. You did not die of COVID which means you are not actually a fully realized member of the cult.

Enjoy being a failure.


Apr 05, 2022



Sativa Rose
Sativa Rose
Mar 31, 2022



Daniel Dowling
Daniel Dowling
Mar 29, 2022

One more thing. It's a common thread with these conspiracy theory anti-vaxxers, but if they really believe the hospitals are murdering people (all of them, it's like a coordinated extermination campaign), why do they go there? Why don't they die at home away from all the scary godless science and doctors?

Sativa Rose
Sativa Rose
Mar 31, 2022
Replying to

Cause they’re fkn idiots

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