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Mailakei LaVergne, 44, Orange, TX, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Mailakei LaVergne is a self-proclaimed pro-2nd amendment, pro-life, loves Jesus and her freedom (literally her bio on FB). She's been married to Kenneth for 13 years and she's the stepmom to his 16-year-old son. Keith is a lawyer who graduated from Liberty University.

I have a pretty good feeling that you'll be discussing the ending of this story. 😲 You can jump to the comments here.

Mailakei & her husband Kenneth are both anti-vaxxers but Mailakei is the one who pays the ultimate price.

When Kenneth shared this, they were already sick with COVID. He's quite confident and doubling down.

Uh oh! They all have COVID and LadyBug is hospitalized.

She's already off the BIPAP and on the lowest O2. That's a quick cat bounce.

She's feeling better and was able to make a few FB posts.

Kenneth had a lot of time on his hands and was worried about some "Nazi" stuff.

What a difference prayer made.

She's just checking all of those FB prayer messages.

Huh? Who are they? The doctor and nurses?

Facebook doctors chiming in.

WTF is this?

She is healed by his stripes?

Cat bounce.

He's confident that she'll be serving XMAS dinner. She goes & up and down from here.

On 9/30/21, Ladybug passed away and earned her Herman Cain Award.

Two weeks later. Roar!

A month later. Do you think he made a profile on Christian Mingle yet?

He's definitely on the prowl.

1.5 months later

2 months after his wife passed away. Booya!

There must be some gossip in town.

Is God a pimp?

Does he have to wait until marriage? Based on this comment, I'd say no.

3 months later.

UPDATE: As some of you all discovered, Kenneth married his new "Lady Bug", Juanita Gonzalez-Oyervides in early December. Only 2 months after his wife died. WOW!

It's been really slow at HCAz but we have a plethora of old stories to still tell.

If you don't want to be featured here or at Herman Cain Awardz, get vaccinated and get your booster!

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Jonathan Little
Jonathan Little
Jul 14, 2022

I went on Juanita’s FB page. There are a lot of photos of Juanita posing by herself but none with Kenneth. No mention of the wedding either. Her page is in Spanish. She is very pretty. I wonder why she wanted to marry some white middle aged Republican after a one month romance?


James Reynolds
James Reynolds
Jun 08, 2022

Handsome dudes like him get snatched up fast.


Wow, I guess Juanita didn't learn anything from how he treated his past wife. She's in for a Yuge surprise. Maybe she is just hoping he will die from covid, and leave her everything?????


Miss Anne Thrope
Miss Anne Thrope
May 15, 2022

Married his new ladybug on April 15th.

She's proudly vaccinated.


May 13, 2022

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