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Marc Saulnier, 52, Fort Valley, GA, Trucker, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to social media posts (below), Marc died from COVID on February 7, 2022. With the truck drivers still protesting in Ottawa, I thought I'd feature another trucker on SAV (I'll be adding him to the running list of dead anti-vaxx Truckers post as well). Marc had his own long haul rig, and owned Barlow Trucking Company in Fort Valley. He was going to run for U.S. representative in the 2nd district in Georgia in the next election. Marc was to run the Republican primary in March against Chris West. (Republicans are hoping the new gerrymandered district lines will help turn the 2nd district red.) He was an anti-vaxxer who didn't get vaccinated, and so he got COVID which took his life and knocked him out of the primary. Sorry about the picture; I couldn't find one picture of him smiling. Link to the bottom.

Here's his rig. Looks great:

Let's see what else Marc was posting on his wall:

He didn't trust the vaccine:

I didn't know that was Harris's nickname. Learn something new every post!

From a REAL person in Michigan, according to Marc:

Like I said, he was running for Congress:

Communist. Wake up. CDC. Freedom. Socialism. Revolution. This post has it all except Natural Immunity and Mark of the Beast. Pretty good though:

The most widely posted anti-mandate meme I've seen:

He was calling for the trucker revolt long before the Canadians thought of it:

Wonder if he double checked that number 99.999996% Survival rate?

He's On the Road Again:

But he's got questions that ain't been answered:

He must have picked up something at one of those truck stops:

Yep, he sure did. He's sick in Olathe, Kansas:

This would make a good poster for his congressional campaign:

His wife Kathy takes over from here on out. The ventilator comes out quickly:

Keep the prayers coming.

Remember, she's in Georgia and he's in Kansas:

That was fast. That cat didn't bounce:

There was a free and easy fix for all of this.

Apparently, when a trucker dies they each do a "Last Call" on the CB Radio for the deceased trucker. Marc's CB handle was "Beach Bum":

RIP and enjoy that Pickle Park in the sky, good buddy. I'm 10-10 on the side...

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This guy still has my vote for "ugliest mug on the entire list". He has some stiff competition, though. He's not only ugly on the outside, he radiates ugly from the inside. His entire aura is ugly.


"... couldn't find one picture of him smiling."

Somehow that figures. Many of these people feel they are at war with the rest of America. They carry deep seated anger and vengeful-spitefulness over imagined causes. Night and day they are just angry, and their preferred news sources capitalize on it and make their emotions that much worse.

'Owning the libs' means hard fighting and total commitment. These people are at war and they are just dying to get at the rest of us ... literally.


Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco
Apr 03, 2022

Kathy's on the case...


Babylon Sister
Babylon Sister
Mar 12, 2022

It's official. The grieving widow has joined Team The Hospital Murdered Him for the Money.


This guy's mug is still the ugliest on this entire site! And that's sayin' something!

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