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Marcus Mitchell, 59 from Muscle Shoals, AL. Covid survivor.

Marcus was quite an anti-vaxxer. He made it clear that he was NOT going to get vaccinated or live his life in fear of Covid...until he got Covid and nearly died.

Let's take a look at some of Marcus' early posts to see how he felt about Covid.

Clearly, he is not afraid of Covid...

because he thinks the odds are in his favor!

He doesn't care if you have had your vaccine.

His body, his choice:

Since it's his body and his choice, he chooses NOT to get the Covid vaccine.

He shared this post saying companies who forced the vaccine on their employees should be sued out of existence! No tyranny!

He posted this vaccine misinformation that said you'll have bad side effects from "Covid 19 modified chemical injection" and "death is probably the likely outcome."

Here are a few more of his posts, in case there was any doubt about his feelings towards Covid. He gets extra demerits for a Covid/Holocaust meme as well as calling it the "China Virus."

Marcus might win the SAV award for the most Anti-Fauci posts.

He was NOT a fan of Biden or the Democrats. I don't think that has changed.

He IS a fan of Trump.

He is also a fan of the Lord...

and he has Southern pride.

Then something SHOCKING happens. Marcus and his family all get Covid. He's not worried because he took the same meds that Trump took. He reminds everyone that he didn't take the shot and won't!

Two days later he gave an update. He reminds everyone that he and his wife didn't take the shot and refuse to because the shot doesn't work but they are KICKING COVID'S BUTT! He adds that Covid has a 99.8% survival rate and "it ain't the bad killer they playing it up to be."

The next day, as he's sick with Covid, he posts that he is unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, and unafraid.

Then he was very quiet...because he was in a coma. So much for kicking Covid's butt! Take a moment and read through his story. It sounds like absolute hell.

After he nearly died of Covid he encouraged people to get vaccinated but check out his "friend" Angela's response!! Wow.

Marcus almost lost his life to Covid. It's amazing that he's gone from such an AVID anti-vaxxer to encouraging people to get the Covid vaccine. Of course we wish he had been vaccinated and not endured the hell he went through, but at least something good came from it. So, Marcus, we deliver to you, the SAV Redemption Award!

(But maybe you should delete all those old anti-vax posts...just sayin'.)

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