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Mark Mozley, 61, Marietta, GA, Christian Missionary, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

I'm going to introduce you to 61-year-old Mark Mozley and his wife Jennifer. They've done missionary work all over the world. In the mid 2000's they served under IRIS Global Ministries in Mozambique. Then they conducted missionary work in China from 2010 to 2016, where they adopted their two-year-old daughter Ruthi. They had to return back to the states because of Ruthi's medical conditions.

Mark & Jennifer's big mistake was banking on their strong immune system + the love of God to get them through this pandemic.

We'll start here. Jennifer couldn't wait to see smiling faces again. She touted that strong immune system that God gave her. I wonder why God didn't give a strong immune system to all who died before?

Here's the start of their COVID journey. We already know how his God-given immune system is going to fare.

Mark spills the beans and lets us all know that he wasn't vaccinated.

Pureblood vs COVID.

Mark is now in the ER. She's gonna need to ignite the prayer warriors.

Holy Spirit activate! Holy Spirit activate. Activate. Activate.

You're going to see the Mozley grift in action.

Mark isn't doing so well and has to go on a ventilator.

They set up a spreadsheet for prayers. WTF?

The grift is on pause for now.

WTF is this demon photo?

It's not sounding good for Mr. Mozley.

Mark sadly went home to Jesus and earned his Herman Cain Award.

Two days later. I think she missed the part where God told her to get vaccinated.

GoFundMe was activated and they made a pretty penny. Their grift is doing something right.

Jennifer and Ruthi must have used those GoFundMe contributions and headed to Israel.

Some HCAz readers found some of their older grifts.

As always, get vaccinated so you don't end up on SAV or HCAz. You can find some more stories from Herman Cain Award(z) on Facebook.

From SAV: Yes, the pictures of their daughter were not all edited. They've been removed or edited now. Please do not repost the unedited version in the comments or elsewhere. They will be deleted. And no links to their daughter's FB page either. Remember, kids are off limits.

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Jun 01, 2022

You're almost hoping for a sad ending when EVERYTHING is god's will.

"Mowed the yard today. Jesus said it would be the right time to mow the yard. Praise Jesus!"

I mean, "the ventilator saved him (actually, that was Jesus)" is some bullshit.

If they live, "Praise Jesus." When they die, "Jesus' will."

They're cultish.


May 31, 2022

I know they’re morons that made their own bed but I can’t help but feel as though Republican figure heads and religious leaders helped push this guy off a cliff.

Its unexplainable, the feeling I get when I think that this woman’s husband could have still been alive.

isn’t the life of those you love more important than trying to prove yourself right (which they’re not).


Kathi Carney
Kathi Carney
May 28, 2022

Good, now the family needs to STFU


May 27, 2022

Begging for money for a private school. I guess public school wasn’t going to indoctrinate their daughter for them and that just wasn’t good enough?

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