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Marlon Hampton, 49, Chattanooga, TN, unvaxxed, dead from COVID, this story is about Patrick Hampton.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary, Marlon Hampton died on October 6, 2021. He died in his home after being taken out of the hospital by his brother Patrick Hampton. Patrick is a right-wing activist in Chattanooga. He has several Facebook accounts with a total of 180,000 followers. Patrick is a columnist for the "Patriot Post" and two days before his brother died he published this article We'll show the posts of Patrick taking his brother out of the care of doctors at Erlanger Clinic because they wouldn't treat him with Ivermectin and vitamins. Marlon subsequently died at home. This one is very long, so I provided this link to jump to the comments when you return: JUMP TO BOTTOM OF STORY.

^^^ this picture is Patrick Hampton.

Here is a picture of Marlon Hampton, Patrick's brother who died at home of COVID:

I apologize up front that this is a long story to tell, but Patrick left us an extraordinary tale of extreme hubris that sealed the fate of his brother Marlon.

We start by establishing just how much of a right-wing, anti-vaxxer, anti-science, and anti-expertise propaganda spreader Patrick really is...These are just from the past month:

He keeps saying this but offers no verification, and he didn't mention it in the Patriot Post article he published. We'd love to see some verification of this and what they died from:

He starts a fund to help unvaccinated healthcare workers:

NOW, he lets us know about the big story he's got coming.

Already blaming the hospital and CDC for his brother's demise.

OK take a breath. Now we're entering the part where Patrick overrides the healthcare workers and removes his brother from their care. He gives us 5 parts:

Part 1

He's angry that Erlanger Hospital won't do what HE wants (the ivermectin thing which has proven to be ineffective but loved by the right-wing media)... he starts calling real medicine by experts, "DEATH PROTOCOLS."

Here's the video portion:

He give's his audience alternate places to follow his story:

Not against nurses and doctors unless they don't do as they are trained:

Here is the video portion:


Here's the video portion:


Here is the video portion:


Here's the video portion:


Here is the video portion:


Here is the video portion:

So, you know more than the hospice staff?

Asking for money, and it seems like he's risking his brother's life in order to prove hospitals are killing people:

Another bold claim:

Sicking the dogs on this healthcare woman:

Pushing an unproven drug. Did it help his brother? No.


And then he gives one last shot for good measure:

RIP Marlon.

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