Marquis Davis, 28, Florida businessman, COVID anti-vaxxer dies of COVID.

According to, this story, Charnese Davis said Marquis Davis was not vaccinated when he contracted COVID-19. After testing positive, he was in quarantine at home when his condition worsened. He was later taken to a hospital where he spent six days on an oxygen machine after which he died.

Marquis Davis vowed to get vaccinated if he pulled through, but, sadly, he did not. “He was so adamant about not getting it, everything we hear about the vaccine wasn’t always perfect … It’s a lot of younger adults my age who don’t want to get it or they think it won’t affect them,” Charnese Davis said. “But, it does affect you. This could have been prevented, so let’s get vaccinated so it doesn’t happen to you.”

If only there was a way to prevent this.

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