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MaryJennie Bodard, 71, New Franklin, MO, Anti-vaxxer

We've got a fresh story for you today. Meet MaryJennie Bodard of New Franklin, MO.

We start this story during the early days of the pandemic. As you can see, Mary was having none of it.

She was sure something nefarious was going to happen.

She wondered a lot.

She did not welcome door-to-door vaccine agents. Jehovah's Witnesses are ok, though.

Those darn 🦛 laws.

She has no original thought, so she borrowed one. 🥱

Mary is really worried about being told what to do.

Won’t someone think about the children?

This made her happy. Finally, someone agrees with her.

This sounds like shenanigans. 🤔

Finally, she got some good news.

She's a clever one.

Good 'ole Aaron Rodgers.

As long as it’s by footballers? Right?

It's all about the Benjamins.

This doesn't surprise any of us.

She’s all for Liberté. What about Egalite, Mary?

This was suspicious, but no information. But she chilled out on antivax posts after.

She moved on to FreeDUMB.

More FreeDUMB.

She is still worried about the children.

Oh yea, she is quite religious too. Aren't they all?

The irony is going to go down in value. I am coming across too much.


More on her religious fervor.

No one commented. Her echo chamber is solid.

Good. She’s prepared.

More religious nuttery.

Sayonara. Au revoir. Arriverdeci. Verabschiedung. Sadly, MaryJennie passed and earns her Herman Cain Award.

Sorry for any spelling errors as I have to get to work. I'll correct them later.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook at Herman Cain Awardz.

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01 mai 2023

Wacked as fuck.


19 avr. 2023

And nothing of value was lost. Good riddance.


14 avr. 2023

One day everything is fine Facebooking away and then all of a sudden dead as a rock. Oh well.


12 avr. 2023


KC Scout
KC Scout
09 avr. 2023

Why didn't she just take her Ivermectin? It is 92% effective, her peer reviewed studies said so.

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