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Michael Robideau, 68, Tyler, TX, Gay conservative Anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID (plus a bonus entry)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to social media posts below, Michael died from COVID on January 10, 2022. Michael is a rare breed: a gay conservative anti-vaxxer. This is only our. third entry from the LGBT community, I think. What's different from the other two is that, at his age, he went through the 1980s AIDS epidemic, which Dr. Fauci fought so hard to understand and contain. Yet Michael is not only anti-vaxx, he also posted anti-Fauci memes, which seems like an enormous disconnect. His significant other, Monty Etheridge, also a conservative anti-vaxxer, got sick but recovered. Michael's sister Pat Gifford, who lived in North Carolina and was also an anti-vaxxer, died several days after Michael. We'll add her here as an entry bonus track.

I know it's hard to believe, but there are LGBT Trump Conservatives in the USA. They must be self-loathing masochists! Anyway, lets see why Michael is showing up here on SAV:

This picture makes my brain hurt.

I absolutely don't believe this number. I checked, and the actual statistic is 14%, not 45%.

This also is very confusing for a gay man to post:

I guess he's not scared...

He's 68 he should be more worried about COVID than myocarditis:

He'll find out soon enough that it's not the flu:

Does this make any sense to anybody?

What's missing: can DIE from COVID:

An oldie but goodie:

Grim knocked on the wrong door:

Again, Michael is gay and must be against gay rights.

Because it's spread through the air and not surfaces?

But he wasn't really concerned:

This pretty much wraps up Michael's thoughts on the vaccines:

Michael gets COVID and then pneumonia:

And less than a month later he's dead:

RIP Michael


Bonus track: This is Michael's sister Pat. Her Facebook page got scrubbed by someone in her family:

You can see the resemblance to Michael:

Her daughter Heather had something to say about her passing and the reasons for it:

RIP Michael and Pat.

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