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Mike Houser, 63, Columbus, KS, State Rep, anti-vaxxer, seriously ill with something.

According to this article and social media posts, Mike has been missing from this congressional session for a while because of an "illness". He showed up very ill and on oxygen to vote on overriding a veto on a bill for redrawing the state's congressional district lines (gerrymandering). Mike is an avid anti-vaxxer; most of his posts in 2021 are anti-vaxx and anti-mandate freedumb posts. While it's not confirmed that he has COVID it's obvious to people on Twitter that he does and that he's trying to hide it, in light of his stance over the past year. If it is indeed COVID, given his age and weight (and facial hair) he does fit the profile of someone who wouldn't have an easy time with this disease. We'll keep an eye on this one.

Let's see what Mike likes to post on his Facebook page:

You're right, Mike, perhaps this site should be called Sorry Pro-idiot

We don't care THAT much about you...

Ah, the Nuremberg Code that obviously doesn't apply:

He's proud of people protesting at the Kansas State Capital in Topeka:

I wonder if Mike is boofing Ivermectin right about now?

The first step to betrayal is trust, Mike:

No, actually, you are quite dangerous to society:

I don't get this post. It sounds stupid, but maybe I'm missing something?

You can stay on the other side and die though...

An anti-Fauci meme for good measure:

A freedumb post for good measure:

This post is just a few days ago (while obviously ill):

Seems to me like he's admitting that he has COVID:

Why is this guy praying for Mike?

They wheeled him in so he could vote. LOL.

Well, like I said, we'll keep an eye on Mike and see how he comes out of this "illness".


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