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Pastor Nathan Ridgeway Sr., 74, Religious Leader, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Meet Pastor Nathan + Faye Ridgeway of Cleveland, TN. Pastor Nathan has been in ministry his entire life and started three churches. Religious leaders greatly influence their congregation and could have been a driving force in getting people vaccinated. So many did the complete opposite, and Pastor Nathan is one of them. Jump to comments.

UPDATE: 3/26 - Thanks for sending us a note as I missed this. In 2006, child molestation charges against Pastor Nathan were dropped.

I'll start with Pastor Nathan. He loves to sing for Jesus and is the one in the middle. He should be just fine when COVID finally pays a visit.

Let's start here. This is Pastor Nathan's son Nate. They're all Trump Humpers.

Here's a small compilation of Pastor Nathan's timeline. The typical stuff we always see - religious mumbo jumbo and politics mixed in with COVID misinformation.

One last piece of advice from Pastor Nathan before we move on to his wife, Faye.

Faye seemed to be antivax before it was even cool to be.

Faye also has the typical anti-vaxxer Facebook feed. In 2020, she was really obsessed with hydroxychloroquine. It's funny how they all screamed this was the cure and then quietly moved on to horse dewormer.

Imagine if Christians lived as Jesus did. I don't think they'd be Republicans.

Some foreshadowing. Did she secretly get vaccinated and know how this would all play out? Ah, who am I kidding?

Oh, Faye. If you only.....never mind. She’ll never get it.

Four days later.

That same day, she shared this. What happened to Hydroxychloroquine?

Pastor Nathan has been hospitalized for a week now.

Faye is still mum about her husband's situation. Is this really what's important to share right now, Faye?

Some things should be kept secret, and #2 is one of them. 💩

That was a quick cat bounce.

Music must help take his mind off things.

One last sad update from Nate Jr.

Pastor Nathan Ridgeway sadly passed and earned his Herman Cain Award. Not one mention of getting vaccinated.

Faye still hasn't mentioned a word about her husband but shared this. 🤔

Five days later. She finally comes clean. Do you think she learned a lesson?

I thought church ended after death.

She's still sending messages from Nathan's account.

It looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. FreeDUMB!

And Faye has learned nothing.

1.5 years after her husband’s death, and she’s still spewing this.

I'll end with this. Some people just never learn.

You can always find more anti-vax stories on Facebook at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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Apr 12, 2023

Where's he buried? Everybody has to pee sometime.


Apr 12, 2023

The best thing an antivaxxer can do for the world is die. Nice to see so many Republitards doing their duty....


Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
Apr 10, 2023

Amazing how simple stupid can kill you these days.


Joseph Bacon
Joseph Bacon
Apr 03, 2023

And we got another Pulpit Pimp who URNED this!

He didn't die for JC. He died for this crook.


Just checking in to see this reported starter of three tax havens ( oops, I mean churches), is still dead and that PAB is being fingerprinted tomorrow.... ooh, yeah! This even feels good for a Monday!

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